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New York Wrongful Discharge or Termination Attorneys

If you’ve been the victim of a wrongful termination in New York, Hach & Rose, LLP can help you get justice and compensation from your employer. New York employers have the right to hire and fire employees for any reason, but most obey basic rules and regulations regarding their hiring and firing practices. If your employer terminated your employment for illegal reasons, such as your race or gender, then you have the right to pursue compensation through a wrongful discharge or termination case.

However, since there is so much leeway in the ability to terminate employment in New York state, you’ll need an experienced, knowledgeable New York wrongful termination lawyer to help prove your claim and ensure you get the best possible legal results.

Hach & Rose, LLP is prepared to put its more than 100 years of combined experience behind your wrongful termination claim to reach the optimal outcome. Our award-winning lawyers have won more than $250,000,000 for our clients, and we are ready to do the same for you.

If you or someone you know has been unfairly fired in New York, bring your claim to Hach & Rose, LLP, where we understand the seriousness of this violation and know how to pursue your compensation successfully. Contact us at (212) 779-0057 to learn more about how we can help.

Why You Need a Lawyer

Wrongful discharge can be incredibly difficult to prove because New York is an at-will employment state. That means your employer can fire you for any reason, or no reason at all, except for in very specific circumstances. Proving that your termination was truly illegal will require evidence, strategy, and a deep knowledge of New York employment law. Trying to do so without a lawyer’s help will likely result in your case being dismissed.

Your lawyer can help gather the evidence necessary to build a case that proves your termination was discriminatory, retaliatory, or illegal for some other reason. Using evidence, witnesses, and strong legal arguments, a good lawyer can show that your employer violated your rights by firing you. You are much more likely to find a successful outcome if you hire a lawyer to help you.

Why Choose Hach & Rose, LLP

Hach & Rose, LLP has made a name for itself in the tough New York City legal world by providing dedicated, aggressive services on behalf of clients just like you. We’ve been able to secure hundreds of millions in compensation because we know how to take on and win the tough cases.

Firm partners Michael A. Rose and Gregory Hach have won numerous awards along with the millions they have won for their clients. Both lawyers are recognized as Super Lawyers and are lifetime members of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, among many other awards.

This prestige is the result of many years of dedicated advocacy on behalf of clients who have been wronged in cases just like yours. Our team of lawyers have the knowledge, the experience, and the drive to pursue a successful wrongful termination case, no matter the circumstances.

Wrongful Termination Cases We Handle

While employers have a broad amount of freedom to terminate employment for any reason, including no reason, there are some restrictions. Some of the causes of wrongful termination in New York include:

  • Termination because of discrimination: Your employer cannot fire you because of any personal characteristic protected by law. In New York, these include, among others, race, religion, pregnancy, sex or gender, sexual orientation, disability, citizenship status, military status, and marital status.
  • Termination as retaliation to whistleblowing and other causes: Your employer cannot fire you for reporting on illegal practices in the business or for reporting an unsafe work environment. This includes terminating you for refusing sexual advances, reporting sexual harassment, or ending a consensual relationship with a coworker.
  • Termination to deny benefits: Your employer cannot fire you in order to avoid having to pay benefits that come with your employment.
  • Termination in breach of a contract: If you have signed a contract with specific limitations on your termination, and your employer violates those limitations, you can file a claim against wrongful termination.
  • Termination for legally required time off: In New York, you are entitled to take time off for military service, voting, jury duty, to care for a family member, to spend time with a spouse on leave, and for numerous other reasons. If you were fired for exercising this right, you can file a wrongful termination claim.
  • Termination for off-duty conduct: Your off-duty behavior cannot result in your termination in New York.

All of the above causes are protected in New York, and with the help of Hach & Rose, LLP, you may be able to receive compensation for violations of that protection.

Let Us Help You Hold Your Former Employer Accountable

The state and federal government protect you against certain kinds of unfair terminations of your employment, but in order to get the compensation you deserve after such a termination, you’ll need the legal assistance of an experienced and dedicated lawyer.

If you or someone you know has been wrongfully fired from your position in New York, contact Hach & Rose, LLP to hold your former employer accountable for their violations of your rights. Call our workers’ rights attorneys at (212) 779-0057 now to begin the process today.

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