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Must Know Info: The $1,000,000 Mistake

In a new article posted to our Must Know Info series, attorney Michael Rose discusses the kinds of costly mistakes insurance companies make by not offering fair payouts when their customers make claims.

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New Video FAQ: “What are the warning signs and reasons you should fire your lawyer?”

If you’ve ever wondered what warning signs to look for or what reasons you might have for firing your personal injury lawyer, watch the latest video FAQ from Hach & Rose, LLP attorney Michael Rose here.

New Video FAQ: “What is the problem with using a personal injury calculator online?”

These days, it is not uncommon to see legal websites or other places on the web advertising “personal injury calculator: find out what your claim is worth”. There may be problems with these calculators, however. Watch the new video FAQ above to learn more…

Video FAQ: “What should I do if my lawyer is encouraging me to settle my case for less than I think it’s worth?”

If you have a personal injury claim and your attorney is pushing you to settle for less than what you believe it is worth, you do have options. Watch the video FAQ above, and learn what you can do from Hach & Rose, LLP attorney Michael Rose. Have an injury claim or an issue like this one? Contact the attorneys of Hach & Rose, LLP at (212) 779-0057 today.

New Must Know Info: Arbitration: A Glimpse into Alternative Dispute Resolution

In a new article for our “Must Know Info” series, New York City personal injury lawyer Michael Rose describes the benefits of using arbitration to resolve disputes rather than lengthy jury trials.

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New Must Know Info Article: The Significance Of Repeat Clients

In a new article for our Must Know Info series, attorney Michael Rose discusses why it is beneficial for individuals who have been injured in the past to use the same legal team if they are hurt again.

Click here to see the article: The Significance Of Repeat Clients.

New Video FAQ: “What steps do I need to take once I’ve decided to switch lawyers?”

In a new video FAQ, Hach & Rose, LLP attorney Michael Rose discusses the steps necessary for injury victims to switch legal representation if they have decided that they need a different lawyer. To learn these steps and more, watch the video here or call us at (212) 779-0057 today.

Must Know Info: Pre-Settlement Funding

In a new article for our “Must Know Info” series, attorney Michel Rose discusses when and when not to consider taking pre-settlement funding.

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Hach & Rose, LLP Annual College Scholarship Winner

It is our honor to announce the winner of the first Hach & Rose, LLP Annual College Scholarship. While selecting only one of over 450 truly inspirational essays proved to be a near impossible task, the genuine emotion, fortitude, and perseverance radiating from the pages of the winning essay solidified our decision.

Our winner’s father was seriously injured on the job. His injuries required five very significant operations. In the essay, the author mentions the physical limitations the accident had on her father, her family’s financial burdens that followed, and the effect it had on the everyday things she and her younger sister had previously taken for granted. She focuses on how the accident enabled her to rediscover the strength of family, the importance of resilience, the power of integrity, and the freedom of acceptance.

Her father, her “larger than life hero,” attempted to shield both of his daughters from the debilitating impact the accident was actually having on his family’s life. Not until the author was older did she come to terms with the gravity of the unfortunate event. Instead of becoming consumed with anger or self-pity, she watched her father rise to life’s new challenges and she eagerly followed in his footsteps. “His own work ethic is one that keeps the entire family motivated to do our best.” In fact, she had an injury herself which required foot surgery, but this setback only served as a catalyst for her to work harder; she won several titles on her school’s track team and has been recognized by her teammates as an outstanding leader. “[My father] made every possible attempt to attend my races and show his support; the least I could do was give it everything I had, even when it hurt.”

Accidents often have a debilitating impact on victims and their families. Our essay winner’s experience should serve as a reminder that while we may not have control over setbacks in life, we do have control over whether such situations define us or redefine us. Due to her demonstrated strength, spirit and accomplishments – all in the face of adversity – it is our absolute honor to name Margaret Ryan as the winner of the first Hach & Rose Annual Scholarship. We have no doubt that you will excel in Speech Language Pathology at your university and will embrace every day of your bright future. “I take with me all my dad’s advice. I take his dedication, perseverance and integrity.” As we all should, too, Ms. Ryan. Congratulations.

Must Know Info: Be Wary of Employers’ False Promises

New York City injury attorney Michael Rose discusses how employers break their promises to help injured workers in a new article posted on our Must Know Info page.

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