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Roof Falls

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Last Updated: 07-13-2023

By: David Cheverie

A fall from a roof occurs far too often on construction sites. Unfortunately, roof falls can be one of the most deadly types of construction accidents. Roof falls can often lead to life-threatening injuries and even death. The seriousness of an injury generally increases with falls from greater heights. Unfortunately, the injuries sustained from a roof fall may change someone’s life forever, even if he/she survives the fall.

Roof falls occur for many reasons, including lack of safety lines, poor weather, lack of proper footwear, unsafe or broken materials at the ledge, tripping on obstacles near a ledge, and other inadequate safety precautions.

Bystanders Can Be Injured if They are Nearby

Construction site falls can also be dangerous for innocent bystanders near the site during the fall. Bystanders can be victims because they lack protective wear and will have to suffer the full weight and force of the impact.

Roof falls can be preventable if proper measures are enforced to avoid such accidents. It is important for managers of work sites to ensure the safety of employees and pedestrians. Falls are the leading cause of work-related injuries and deaths, so every effort should be made to prevent these tragic accidents. Significantly, OSHA is taking a stand to prevent falls in construction by launching a two-week campaign to promote the prevention message in the 2015 National Fall Safety Stand-Down.

New York is also fortunate to have the protection of Section 240 of the state Labor Law. This law protects workers who fall from heights. Hach & Rose, LLP recently obtained a settlement of $3,475,000 for a worker who fell from a temporary roof on a construction site.

Call our Construction Accident Lawyers

At Hach & Rose, LLP, our experienced construction accident lawyers will fight to obtain the compensation you deserve following a roof fall accident. If you or someone you love has been a construction accident victim, contact the attorneys Hach & Rose, LLP today at (212) 779-0057.

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