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Workplace Safety in Bad Weather Conditions

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Last Updated: 12-04-2023

Workplace Safety in Bad Weather Conditions

Construction sites are already very dangerous, and many workers are injured while on the job. Adding harsh weather conditions to that equation increases the risk of injury significantly. Many projects in our state require work to be performed outdoors during the region’s harsh winter months. Construction workers must work in brutal winter conditions, such as extreme cold and snow and ice, which can create dangerous working conditions. Neglect of workplace safety in bad weather results in many construction-related injuries. Call us if you were injured on the job due to your employer’s negligence.

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    Weather-Related Workplace Safety Concerns

    A general manager on a construction project is responsible for looking out for various weather-related safety concerns that could affect their workers. This is especially true as they are typically operating outdoors. If these seasonal issues aren’t dealt with before construction begins or promptly after the problem is found, workers may be the ones left to suffer the consequences. Regrettably, these consequences can severely harm a worker.

    If your injuries were caused by a work site manager’s failure to take care of weather-related safety issues, you may be able to collect financial compensation as New York labor laws protect New York City construction workers.

    Safety Issues Connected to Seasonal Problems

    Throughout the year, construction managers are responsible for adequately weathering certain materials and machines to reduce the possibility of injury. Failure to take these important safety requirements seriously or provide weather-related safety precautions can result in serious injury. The following mistakes may be the cause of these injuries:

    • Failing to clear off ice that could cause a slip-and-fall accident
    • Failing to take steps to prepare vehicles for winter conditions
    • Failing to provide adequate water for workers in particularly hot conditions
    • Forcing workers to work in unsafe weather conditions, including thunderstorms

    A construction worker could suffer devastating injuries by committing these or other actions. Fortunately, New York labor law protects construction workers in this situation.

    Failure to Protect Construction Workers

    Workplace Safety in Bad Weather Conditions

    Due to high costs, many construction companies are not providing proper safety measures and procedures to protect construction workers from injuries. As OSHA makes clear, employers are responsible for the safety and health of their employees and for ensuring a safe workplace.

    Fortunately, in New York, we have labor laws that protect construction workers. Section 1.7 of the Industrial Code in the State of New York protects construction workers when injured due to slipping and tripping hazards.

    These accidents may occur during the course of normal construction work. Snow and ice buildup don’t stop the work from occurring, and many workers may need to walk on slippery pavement to complete their work. Workers may also need to remove snow and ice from construction sites to continue their work. Walkways and passageways on construction sites should be clear of ice and snow so workers can do their jobs safely.

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