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Last Updated: 02-08-2022

Deciding to take legal action is a big decision, and as such, you want to make sure you are working with a legal team that you can trust and that has the experience necessary for your case to succeed. At Hach & Rose, LLP, we have helped many individuals just like you secure the compensation they deserved following an accident or injury, and below are actual testimonials from some of our former clients describing their experience with our firm.

It was the best decision that I made. They helped me. They walked me through the process of my case. They were very reliable, and always there when I needed them. They explained everything in detail. That was the best decision that I made and I would definitely recommend them.

Rochelle Charles

I was very impressed with the way they treated me. One of the main things that drew me towards the company is that he told me to be honest. That was enough for me. He took care of me. He basically did everything...

Keith Gray

I saw how graceful and how remarkable and how careful Greg and Mike Rose took care of me and they made me want to come back. It was two people who I hadn't even met who are willing to fight so hard for me.


They really did a great job and they stood for me and I have no complaints. They put me in a financial situation that I'm stable for the rest of my life and I am very grateful that I had to work with them.

Andrew Torres

I came down and I met Michael. Just the feel of the office and reception that I got and the attention he made. I was talking to a named partner and really felt comfortable. I knew Hach & Rose took care of a lot of city employees, so figured they really know their way around this area of the law.

Hugh McCormack

It was unbelievable because they do everything the right way. Even the doctors that I saw were amazing. They did everything beautiful. Everything was professional, and you need that when you're injured.

Robert Klein

My experience was great. My case was handled very professionally. All my questions were answered and I understood everything about my case and how it was handled. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the firm to my friends or anybody who has been in an accident.

Yevgieniy Diamant

Michael felt there was a case. A case was put together, and was ultimately successful. My family and myself are safe. We are Ok.

Barry Duke

I did research and hired Hach & Rose and they did the best for me. They did their job. They fought for me. They fought for what I wanted, and I'm happy for my settlement. They did the best job. I would recommend Hach & Rose to anyone.

Jesse Soler

Mr. Rose Really pushed it and pushed it. They tried to offer me a little money and I said no. He ended up getting me a very nice settlement. I fully recommend Hach & Rose. They took care of my family, took care of me, and took care of all my issues.

Robert Kerr

They're really good people and I've gotten to know them over the years. My sister is very confident with them. She's relaxed with them. She feels good and comfortable with her case and everything.

Mable Williams


"Thank you Michael Rose and the entire Hach & Rose team who helped my family and I through a very challenging time in our lives. We appreciate your professionalism and dedication to your clients best interests. I wish I could give you more than 5 stars, you all certainly earned it."


"Michael Rose represented me in a personal injury automobile accident I was involved in. I was not at fault, suffered multiple injuries, and my friend's car was destroyed. The other party's insurance company initially would not provide any coverage and I had to endure 2 surgeries and physical therapy for 4 years. Michael Rose was there consistently from start to completion and secured me a fair & honest settlement for over $1 million dollars. He worked with me in a consistent and efficient manner during the entire process. I could not have asked for better and I highly recommend him and his team."


"My case was a small part of a much larger legal situation, but my borrowed car was completely totaled in an accident. I still got "big client" treatment from Michael and his team. I highly recommend him. He's professional, knowledgeable, and has a great support team around him. My case went on for over 3 years, but he was unwavering in his commitment to get me a well-deserved settlement."


"5 Stars across the board. They were willing to help me in anyway they could. They provided me with answers where no one else could. I never felt rushed being as they took the time to answer all of my questions and provided me with the valuable advice that I desperately needed. If you’re tired of getting the run around and being treated like a statistic, then these are definitely the guys to go to. A+++!!!"


"I was injured in a car accident and was dealing with the insurance company until they offered me a pittance for my damaged clothing. A friend recommended Michael Rose. I can't thank her enough for the recommendation. Mr. Rose is a caring, responsive and extremely competent lawyer. He is responsive to calls and keeps you updated on the activities of the case. He got a settlement almost 10 times more than what the insurance company offered. I highly recommend him. He makes you feel as if you are his number one client. If you need a personal injury lawyer, Michael Rose is THE lawyer to use."


"Very satisfied with Mr. Rose representing me few years back."


"Nothing I can write could ever explain how excellent this Law firm is. I give all who work there my utmost Respect! Trust! And Admiration. Thanks for everything!"


"I found Hach and Rose Law Firm to be special not only as a Law Firm but as a business in General. My reasoning – there ability to stay consistent with the problems and persistent with the mundane subjects, phone calls, and computer information sent to them that they had to refer to. Not once did this cease at all in the most mundane subject they gave their attention. The operators who took my defensive calls never became offensive as I would have. Michael was not to be believed, really he was outstanding, and personal, at the same time professional. I’m not saying these things to flatter or influence their the truth."


"All my brothers at hach and rose are the best. Airborne all the way. Perry. Your brother for life"


"I send all my friends and co-workers to your firm. I am very satisfied with the firms line of service. thank you very much."


"Excellent! very professional and I feel like you all really did a great job. Russell was awesome. Thank you"


"My experience was excellent. They’re professional and very caring, the best!!"


"Super professional!!"


"The BEST law firm in NYC! Dedicated, honest, and extremely professional. They are hands on and they have an incredible staff!"


"I would recommend this company to anyone, they are true professionals. All the staff at Hach and Rose treated my family and I with the utmost respect. You won’t find a better law firm anywhere!"


"You all did such a wonderful job!"


"Although I never had the opportunity to meet Filomena, she was always the kind voice on the phone who answered my questions and made sure that Michael Rose got in touch with me when I needed to talk to him."


"I just wanted to thank you very much for helping me after I had my car accident. It was a difficult time for me, and you were all very helpful. Your kindness and compassions gave me a peace of mind during the lawsuit. I am very grateful to have had such a professional and reliable firm guide me with understanding and patience these past three years. It was a pleasure to meet Michael Rose, who, for me, was a guiding light through the tunnel."


"I was lucky, and didn’t have to look far when I needed help. My local (union) had a great lawyer to help me and my family. I didn’t have to concentrate on anything but getting healthy, they took care of the rest"


"When I needed legal advice, I went to HACH & ROSE . . . Thanks, you sure made my life easier."


"I steered clear of a large law firm because I heard horror stories about how difficult it is to reach a live person and how the average client is treated like a piece of cattle. They [HACH & ROSE] were available whenever I needed to discuss my case, and I was very happy with the amount of money I received. If I couldn’t reach them on the phone they always returned my call later that same day."


"My wife, daughter and I were in a car accident. My wife was badly injured. From the moment we contacted your office, I felt like a huge weight was off my shoulders; your office helped us complete all of our insurance and medical paperwork, answered all of our questions and made a difficult situation much easier to handle. Thanks."


"My case was not a very big one, and I knew it. However, I was treated like I was their most important client…"


"When my husband was diagnosed with Mesothelioma, we were in shock. After answering all of our questions, Mr. Hach’s words to me were ‘simply to take care of your husband, and let us worry about everything else.’ His words allowed me to enjoy my husband while he was still with us."


"I don’t know how they do it. They knew more about my case and my life than I did. When it came to mediate my case, I saw how important knowing all of this information really is "


"Union lawyers for union members, they are true professionals."


"Not feeling comfortable that my case was being handled properly at another firm, I chose to switch to Hach & Rose. It was the second best decision of my life (after marrying my wife of course)"


"Some lawyers talk down to their clients, but Hach & Rose made me feel comfortable that my case would be handled with the utmost care and diligence while treating me like a person and not a number."


"Being able to call and speak to an attorney at a moment’s notice is, to me, confidence inspiring. There were no endless, recorded loop telephone systems to deal with. I always had the chance to speak with a live, courteous and knowledgeable person."


"Hach & Rose are skilled, honest and straightforward lawyers…what more can I say?"


"Right from the time of our first consultation, I was given honest and straightforward answers to all of my questions. They made sure to let me know that they would give me all the information necessary to make the right decision as to whether to settle or go to trial while explaining that it was ultimately my decision. I appreciated that…"


"I was hesitant to call Hach & Rose because I am not a union member, but they treated me and my family with the highest respect…"


"They are hands down the finest law firm I’ve ever dealt with"


"They took the time to really get to know who I am and explained things in a manner that made sense to me… I would recommend Hach & Rose to my closest friends and relatives…"


"I was impressed from the moment I sat down at our first client meeting. If there’s a more honest Law Firm in New York or anywhere for that matter, I haven’t met them."


"Now I know why I don’t see Hach & Rose commercials with catchy jingles, because their record and way of doing business speaks for itself. Being a business owner personally, there’s no better way to ensure future clients than to be honest, excellent at what you do, and get results!"


"Hach & Rose are a true team of highly qualified professionals"


"My first lawyer, who I think was in over his head on my case, dropped me as a client. Hach & Rose took over and did a superb job while getting me a significant settlement…"


"After meeting law firm after law firm promising me between $1m and $2m in my case, it was refreshing to hear a lawyer say that it is not truthful to guarantee any results at the outset of a client’s case. The best part is that they exceeded my expectations and what the other lawyers ‘promised’ at my other consultations…"


"I was told by another firm that they didn’t think I had a winnable case. Hach & Rose told me that it would be an uphill battle but they believed in me and my case … we won!"


"Well let me start by saying that this firm is a kick ass firm very professional caring and very good at what they do I am or was a client and will always be great full for very thing this firm did for me from the top lawyer (Mike)to the receptionist and everyone in between thet handled my case they handled it very well and cared about my well being and took care of my present and future so I must thank u all do to your diligent and excellence and experience I will have a brighter future I would HIGHLY recommend this firm to you if u want your case handled properly and with care"


"Halina did an amazing job, was very clear about the whole process, and put me at ease since it was my first personal injury case. She didn’t promise anything she couldn’t do and exceeded my expectations with the settlement outcome. I would definitely recommend her at Hach & Rose."


"I was a client of Hach & Rose with Micheal Rose as my lawyer. Everyone from the firm was always professional and nice. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you what a thoroughly, exceptional job he did for me in my accident case. Micheal Rose was the complete professional in the handling of my case. The stressful time I was going through was made so much easier because of Micheal Rose guiding me through the process with patience, compassion and dignity. Never was there a time I called Micheal Rose and he did not call me back immediately. I owe a debt of gratitude to Micheal Rose for his service. Personally I feel that I could not have been in better hand. Thank you Micheal Rose, David, Amanda & anyone else from the firm that participated in my case. I am very grateful, thankful, and very satisfied with the outcome of my settlement."


"My fiancée was a client of Hach & Rose with Micheal Rose as her lawyer. Micheal did a exception job. Micheal Rose is a man with compassion and dignity. My fiancée was very grateful and satisfied with her settlement. I would highly recommend Hach & Rose."


"I had a very good experience with the lawyers and staff at Hach and Rose they kept me well informed how the case was progressing the whole time answered all my questions they made me feel very comfortable like a family member"


"I hired hired Hach & Rose to represent me in an auto accident case and they did so with professionalism, integrity, outstanding knowledge and gave me great advise to bring my case to a very successful conclusion. The attorneys at Hach & Rose and staff professionals walked me through the process, and answered all of my questions, no matter how trivial. From the very beginning, The firm’s confidence, and perhaps most important, knowledge of No-Fault insurance law/benefits were evident. Should you find yourself, or a loved one, in need of No-Fault Insurance benefits, you could not find a better law firm and/or team to represent you. Very highly recommended!"


"Best decision picking Hach & Rose to represent me. They got me the money that I deserve and they kept on top of my case. I would recommend anyone to use Hach & Rose."


"Hach & Rose treated me with the utmost importance and respect in every aspect of my case. Never being in a situation like this before they walked me through the legal process and helped make difficult decisions that eventually would make my future secure. The team they have always looked out for my best interests."


"I received great service, honest and open communication. Mr. Rose made me feel that I was in reliable capable hands."


"I want to personally thank Michael Rose of the law firm Hach & Rose for handling my auto accident case from the beginning to completion. Michael, along with his staff are true professionals who handled this case with clear precision and professionalism. I was also very happy with the way that we settled my case. Michael gave me great counseling and guidance to bring this case to a close and, that we were both very happy with. Thank you all!"


"I recently consulted with Mr. Hach on a legal matter that would have a great impact on my life. He was unwaveringly honest with me, putting my interests first and foremost. He spelled out my options clearly, advised me without regard to what might better benefit his firm, and supported me 100% in my decision. Thanks to the help of Mr. Hach and his team, I was able achieve the outcome for which I had hoped. I will be forever grateful. Should you ever require the services of this firm, be confident that you will be working with people of the utmost integrity, and who will always put your interests first."


"We were recently referred to Greg Hach for assistance on a personal legal issue. He has been incredibly professional and reliable, and has always been available to answer our many questions with courtesy and patience. We were very apprehensive as to how to handle our situation but Greg was very reassuring and guided us through the necessary steps to ease our confusion. We truly appreciate that while always being professional in conducting business, he also took a personal interest in our issues and has remained friendly and approachable as well. We confidently recommend him to anyone looking for a competent and understanding attorney."


"I was given the name Hach And Rose by an acquaintance . I called and got an appointment within the week. Their office is in Manhattan but they came to Westchester to meet me so I wouldn’t have to travel . They will Keep you in the loop and tell you everything that’s going on month after month. They are easy to talk to and they explained everything so just the ordinary person like me can understand. They won us a big settlement in the first part of our case and now the second phase of the case Is going forward and looking good. They are fair and very trustworthy. If you have a question can you call and if they are busy in court or whatever they will call you back ASAP Regardless of weekend or holiday or late at night. If you’re looking for someone who knows the ins and outs of the courts. They are the best choice. They are on top and very knowledgeable of law. I recommend them highly if you want a Successful lawsuit. I want to say thank you to Mike Rose and John Blyth also Shirley for all that you have done. For my endless phone calls and questions and for your patience I thank you. If I forgot anyone else I just want to say thank you. You have given me and my family a gift of security and able to live our life stress-free."


"I met Gregory Hach after he gave a speech at my law school on what he believed to be key values for an attorney. In the years that followed Ive gotten to know Greg well. He was nice enough to become my mentor and help guide me through the beginning of my own legal career. Throughout that time Greg always stressed honesty and integrity. The family like atmosphere at Hach & Rose is truly inspiring. Would recommend them to anyone."

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