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New York City Train Accidents Blog

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Last Updated: 02-08-2022
Train Accidents New York City subway accidents: What you should know

If you live in New York City, there’s a good chance you have taken the subway at least once, and an even better chance that you ride it every day to commute to work or social events. While the subway system is a vital part of our city’s infrastructure, it also can be dangerous, and […]

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Train Accidents Common Hazards on New York Subways

New York City is home to one of the most extensive public transportation networks in North America. In an annual report from the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), researchers estimated that the total ridership on New York City subways, buses, and railroads was approximately 2.56 billion in 2018. Unfortunately, this vast transit network also has an […]

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Train Accidents Injured in a Subway Accident? You’re Not Alone

The New York City transit is the largest subway system in the U.S., transporting over 7 million passengers each weekday, and more than 1.3 billion rides each year. According to a review: Health and Safety Hazards Associated with Subways, published in the Journal of Urban Health,  subways pose a number of serious health and safety issues […]

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Train Accidents Subway Accidents in New York – How Often Do They Happen?

The subway and New York are practically synonymous, and for a good reason: it’s impossible to think of one without the other. New Yorkers have been getting around the five boroughs by subway since 1904, just six years after they were consolidated into a single city. And like everything else in New York, the sheer […]

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Pedestrian Accident, Train Accidents Dongan Hills, NY – Person Struck by Train in Staten Island

Dongan Hills, NY (June 25, 2019) – On Monday night, June 24th, a man was reported to have been struck by a train in Dongan Hills, Staten Island, according to authorities. The incident happened on the Staten Island Railway at approximately 9:22 p.m.

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Train Accidents Queensbridge, NY – Fatal Train Accident Involving Pedestrian at 21st Street

Queensbridge, NY (June 22, 2019) – Around 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday, police received 911 reports of a person struck by a train in an accident in Queensbridge, Queens.

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Train Accidents Valley Falls, NY – Man Killed in Train Accident Near Powder Mill Road

Valley Falls, NY (June 22, 2019) – Police confirmed that a man from Cohoes was killed in a train accident that took place near Powder Mill Road when he was struck.

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Premises Liability, Train Accidents Freeport, NY – Woman Killed by Possible Electrocution Along LIRR Tracks

Freeport, NY (June 3, 2019) – According to the MTA, a woman was killed on Long Island Rail Road tracks on Sunday morning, June 2nd. Police concluded that no more than one person was involved in the incident, which was possibly due to electrocution.

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Bike Accidents, Train Accidents Port Jefferson Station, NY – Bicyclist Clipped and Injured by Train

Port Jefferson Station, NY (May 16, 2019) – According to police, a man was either struck or clipped by a Long Island Rail Road train while riding a bicycle. The incident was reported to have taken place on Wednesday, May 15th, at approximately 6:20 p.m.

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Train Accidents The Bronx, NY – Man Struck and Killed by Train After Walking Between Subway Cars

The Bronx, NY (May 7, 2019) – A man was reported to have died after falling onto train tracks on Monday morning, May 6th, according to police. The incident happened when a subway train left the Jackson Avenue station in the Woodstock section of the city at approximately 9:15 a.m.

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