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Last Updated: 02-24-2023
Dog Bites When Can I Be Compensated for a Dog Bite?

An often-repeated sentiment about why so many people have dogs as pets is that they give unconditional love. And there are statistics that lend credibility to that statement: one-third of U.S. households contain canine buddies, and, for most, this co-habitation has more positives than negatives. Unfortunately, the number of dog bites that occur annually that […]

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Dog Bites What To Do if Your Child is Bitten By A Dog Over The Holidays

During the holiday season, it is common for people to visit relatives and friends, which often puts them in situations where they will interact with unfamiliar dogs. Unfortunately, if dogs are aggressive or feel as though their space is threatened, they can attack. Unfortunately, children are often bitten in these situations, since they are smaller […]

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Dog Bites How To Prevent Dog Bites

In a report from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), researchers estimate that roughly 4.7 million Americans are bitten by dogs each year. Around 800,000 of those bites require medical attention. This means that every day, about 1 in 69 Americans are bitten. While this information can seem frightening, there are a few simple ways […]

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Dog Bites Lockport, NY – Two Hospitalized Following Workplace Incident at Dog Daycare Facility

Lockport, NY (April 18, 2019) – While many jobs come with obvious hazards, each and every worker retains the rights to a safe work environment. Two workers at a dog daycare facility were reported to have suffered work-related injuries while performing their duties on Thursday morning, April 18th.

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Dog Bites Judge may find dog owner liable for elderly woman’s injuries

In a ruling issued last Tuesday, August 30, Nassau County Supreme Court Justice Leonard Steinman wrote in Waldman v. Sangiray that Engin Sangiray, the owner of a two-year-old Siberian Husky – a supposedly non-violent creature – that allegedly jumped on 82-year-old Jacqueline Waldman, may be liable for her injuries. According to court documents, Waldman was […]

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Dog Bites Frenzy of law suits filed by New York man for two undecillion dollars

Sixty-two-year-old New York resident Anthony Purisima is suing a multitude of establishments and the local government of New York for a host of lawsuits which include personal injury and civil rights violations, the New York Post reported on May 16. Purisima has filed a 22-page complaint against Boston, Massachusetts-based bakery and café chain Au Bon […]

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Dog Bites Securing Compensation for Dog Bite Victims

More than 4 million dog bite injuries occur annually in the United States, often leaving victims with significant pain and suffering, as well as overwhelming bills related to necessary medical care. While nothing can erase the pain resulting from a dog bite injury, victims may be able to secure much-needed financial compensation by filing a […]

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