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FELA Must-know information about FELA cases

What is FELA? The Federal Employers Liability Act, or FELA, is a federal law that specifically protects railroad workers who are injured on the job. It is separate from worker’s compensation, where the employee surrenders their right to sue their employer in exchange for wage replacement and medical benefits. FELA also differs from workman’s compensation […]

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FELA Video FAQ: Why do railroad workers have the shortest lifespan of any blue-collar worker?

Want to know why railroad workers have some of the shortest life expectancies of any blue-collar worker? Watch our video above, and if you or a loved one were hurt in a railroad accident anywhere in New York, contact our experienced railroad accident attorneys to get the help you need and deserve.

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FELA Video FAQ: What are examples of cases that you have handled for UTU conductors?

In this new video FAQ, attorney Mark Sokoloff describes his experience with the various types of injury cases concerning UTU conductors. Unfortunately, many UTU conductors are injured every year due to the unique stresses and strains of the occupation. Your company might fight against an injury claim and deny liability, but the team is experienced […]

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FELA FELA Cases are Negligence-Based

Whether representing injury victims or their families in wrongful death cases, New York train accident lawyers must prove negligence on the part of the railroad company. Courts base FELA cases on comparative negligence laws, which means plaintiffs may recover damages even if the court assigns a fault percentage to the plaintiff. For example, if the […]

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FELA How are railroad workers benefits compromised after an injury?

In this new video FAQ, attorney Mark Sokoloff describes how railroad companies attempt to cut off benefits for injured railroad workers, as well as discipline or force them to continue working. Thankfully, the Railway Safety Act and OSHA tools can be used by qualified lawyers to prevent these terrible situations. If you have been injured […]

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FELA Video FAQ: What are the dangers UTU train conductors face on the job?

In this new video FAQ, attorney Mark Sokoloff discusses the workplace dangers often experienced by UTU train conductors. Every year, workers are injured due to hazardous environmental conditions or burdensome labor requirements. If you are a UTU train conductor and you have been injured as a result of workplace dangers, contact the team at today […]

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FELA Must Know Info: Pursuing FELA Claims

There is a new article on our Must Know Info page written by Mark Glen Sokoloff about pursuing FELA claims. It outlines the Federal Employer’s Liability Act (FELA) and points to a recent case in which attorneys with were able to obtain a $1.4 million verdict on a FELA claim. Click here to read Mr. […]

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FELA Enforcement of Rail Safety Improvement Act Necessary in Wake of Train Tragedy

By: Mark Sokoloff The recent September 29th New Jersey Transit derailment tragedy in Hoboken, New Jersey could have clearly been prevented if New Jersey Transit had followed the positive train control law enacted by congress in 2008. In 2015, I posted an article on our blog urging railroads to engage in “Positive Train Control” on […]

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FELA Free FELA and Benefit Consultations for Amtrak Employees

, urges all Amtrak employees and their families to take advantage of the Amtrak Employee Assistance program. We are offering free FELA and benefit consultations – please call us at . For more information, please read the following statement by DJ Stadtler, Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer. Northeast Regional Train 188 – Updated EAP Number Dear Co-workers, […]

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FELA FELA statutes and railroad worker injuries

The Federal Employers Liability Act, commonly referred to as FELA, provides a way for injured railroad workers and their loved ones to recover compensation for on the job accidents by allowing these parties to take legal action against the worker’s employer. Because of FELA statutes, injured railroad workers may be able to secure compensation for lost […]

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