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Bike Accidents

If you've been injured in an accident or on the job, the attorneys of Hach & Rose, LLP have the knowledge, skills, and experience required to hold the party responsible for your injury accountable.

Bike Accidents Bicyclists Forced to Navigate Snow-Covered Bike Lanes After Storm

The New York City Sanitation Commissioner apologized Monday for not having the equipment and resources necessary to quickly and efficiently remove snow from the city’s bike lanes. In a Streetsblog article, Sanitation Commissioner Edward Grayson admitted that while his department cleared snow from streets, it did not do the same for bike lanes and sidewalks. […]

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Bike Accidents Tesla Driver Hits and Injures Cyclist, Police Do Nothing

On Thursday morning, a New York City bicyclist was hit and seriously injured by the driver of a Tesla on Second Avenue, according to Streetsblog. A Streetsblog reporter witnessed the crash and the subsequent police response and recorded what he saw in his article. First responders transported the injured cyclist to a nearby hospital while […]

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Bike Accidents Bicycle Helmet Laws in New York

Riding a bicycle in the city is one of the best ways to get around. It’s free, it’s good exercise, and it gives you a close-up look at your surroundings. However, the lack of a protective barrier usually provided by a car necessitates some extra safety precautions. In New York State, everyone under the age […]

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Bike Accidents High Stakes & Tire Spokes: Bike Accidents

by George W. Ilchert Riding on a bike or a motorcycle gives the rider a kind of freedom that you just can’t get while driving: the wind in your hair, the feeling of control, and the thrill of the ride. But all benefits must come a cost, and you are more vulnerable on a bicycle […]

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Bike Accidents Bicycles: Rules of the Road

More people are opting for bicycles as the preferred method of city transportation. There has been a significant decrease in the risk of serious injury by commuter cyclists in New York City thanks to the increase of bike lanes in the city, even though the number of cyclists has vastly increased. NY Vehicle and Traffic […]

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Bike Accidents, Pedestrian Accident New York City’s 12 most dangerous spots for pedestrians and cyclists

A report by localize.city, a website that analyzes street safety to give buyers and renters the full picture before they move, found that at least a dozen areas across the five New York City boroughs are significantly more dangerous. Alarmingly, in these 12 areas, pedestrians and cyclists are three times more likely to face injury or […]

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Bike Accidents Tips for winter commuting on a bicycle

If you live in New York City, sometimes it makes more sense to commute to work on a bicycle than on public transit. It’s fast, eco-friendly, and gives you a workout. According to nyc.gov, there are about 490,000 cycling trips made every day in the city. But commuting on your bike during the winter can be […]

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Bike Accidents Bicycle maintenance tips every commuter needs to know

If you are one of the 48,800 daily bicycle commuters in New York City, you need to know how to maintain your bike so you can keep riding safely. If there are undetected problems with your brake pads or gears, your risk of getting into an accident increases if these parts malfunction. Take a look at […]

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Bike Accidents Bicyclist safety on the road and steps to take in case of an accident

If you ride your bicycle in and around New York City, chances are you have either seen someone else get hit or have almost been hit by a vehicle yourself. If you happen to be the victim of a collision, this post will also tell you what your next steps should be. Bicycle safety tips […]

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Bike Accidents New York City’s Cyclist Death Toll is Rising

Riding your bicycle to work may seem like the most environmentally responsible move to make these days, rather than hop in your car and burn more fossil fuels. But if you live in a big city like New York, you may want to think twice. A growing city population means more people on the roads, […]

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