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One Dead, Scores Injured in Hoboken Train Crash

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Last Updated: 07-28-2023
Written by: Michael A. Rose and Gregory Hach

A train filled with rush hour commuters collided into the Hoboken train station this morning. At least one person in dead, and more than 100 are injured following this tragic train accident involving a busy commuter train.

Survivors of the crash report that they did not feel the train coming to a stop as it approached the terminal, which is the end of the line. The train smashed into the building, part of which collapsed on one of the train’s front cars, where most of the injuries presumably occurred. The collapsed structure is making it challenging for first responders to reach the injured. New York City is sending a ‘mass casualty unit,’ which is similar to an ambulance that can carry as many as 30 injured victims.

Reports indicate that this particular train was a shorter one, meaning more people were packed into each car. The two front cars were particularly full because they provide quick access to other transport, such as ferries or other trains.

It is too early to determine the exact cause of this devastating train accident. The leading theories at this time for the train’s crash are that it was an accident or an error on the operator’s part. We will follow this story as it develops.

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