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New York Train Employee Injury Lawyers

Were you injured on the job while working for a train company? Have you been burdened with medical bills and mounting expenses from an accident in such a dangerous industry? If so, Hach & Rose, LLP is here to help you. Our New York train employee injury lawyers know what your rights are in this situation and we can get you the benefits you are legally entitled to receive as a result of your workplace incident. To set up a consultation with an attorney, call (212) 779-0057.

Why You Need an Attorney

Workplace-related injury claims can be extremely complicated and time-consuming. Any case involving workplace injuries involves various processes to ensure that your claim is made correctly and efficiently. Furthermore, more than one party may be involved in the suit, which can make matters even more complex. An attorney can ensure that you file everything correctly and identify who is relevant to your lawsuit. Hiring an attorney will ensure that you are on the right track to receive what you are legally entitled to receive from your workplace related train incident.

Why You Should Hire Hach & Rose, LLP

At Hach & Rose, LLP, we have extensive experience helping injured workers get the compensation they need to pay their bills and focus on recovery. Our reputation and knowledge are why so many injured workers in New York City and across the state have turned to us for help. We know how to handle your claim and will work hard to make sure that you get the payment you need. We care about your livelihood and your family’s financial security, so contact us today to discuss your case and what you are entitled to recover from your employer or former employer.

Cases We Handle

At Hach & Rose, LLP, we have experience in injury claims resulting from work with a railway company. This may include injuries related to:

  • Loading and unloading equipment
  • Being struck by a train
  • Being electrocuted by the third rail of the track
  • Passenger aggression or altercations that could have been avoided through other workplace or employee measures
  • Train crashes

If you have been hurt in a train accident while on the job, we’re ready to help you understand your rights as an injured employee. Contact us to discuss the specifics of your situation and what you might be eligible to recover.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most people are not aware of what they should do if they have been injured while on the job. As a result, we have addressed some of the more common questions and concerns below.

Is there a time limit to file my claim?

Yes. The statute of limitations for being able to file a claim for your injuries starts when the injuries were incurred. If, for some reason, the injury was incurred and not realized until a later date, then the later date may be used as the starting point. That said, in most instances, you have three years under New York law to file a claim. If you are unsure about whether you are too late in filing, contact us today for help.

I have worked in other industries and been injured on those jobs. In those cases, I filed for Workers’ Compensation. Can I just do the same thing with regard to this injury?

Unlike other industries, the railway industry’s employees are not covered under typical workers’ compensation laws. Rather, they are covered by a federal law called the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA). New York subways are considered railways and, thus, this law applies to workers injured while working for subways, as well. This means that you have to be familiar with FELA to know what you can recover for after your on-the-job train accident. Contacting an experienced personal injury firm with a background in train-related injuries can guarantee the best results possible for your case as you navigate this industry-specific workers’ compensation alternative.

I have already started talking to my employer (or former employer’s) attorneys and insurance company – is it too late to consult an attorney about my claim to protect my interests?

While it is ideal to contact an attorney as soon as you sustain injuries on the job, all is not lost. Before you speak to your employer’s insurance representatives, contact us so we can help make sure your best interests are represented. We can still help you with gathering a timeline of your claim, getting you on track for assessment and treatment of your injuries, gathering witness information and statements, estimating the long-term care costs of your injuries, and filing your claim by your three-year statute of limitations.

Call Us Today

If you have suffered an injury while working for a train company, call Hach & Rose, LLP today. Our train accident attorneys have had $250 million in verdicts and settlements with our clients and we want to help you succeed in your claim, too. Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge you need to get the recovery you are entitled to receive. Contact Hach & Rose, LLP today at (212) 779-0057 to schedule a free consultation.

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