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The Unethical Lawyer and Financial Incentives

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Last Updated: 01-31-2024
Written by: Michael A. Rose and Gregory Hach

By: Michael Rose

Integrity, dignity, and justice are the core principles of the legal system. Attorneys, as protectors of individuals’ rights, advocates of justice, and representatives of the law, are expected to embody such principles. If an attorney fails to do so, the ramifications can be permanent and devastating, not only to attorneys themselves but to members of the public at large.

Members of our society rely on attorneys to uphold the law, and unfortunately this reliance can be misplaced. Due to the negative effects of relying on an attorney who does not reflect the core principles, it is crucial to distinguish between attorneys who do and those who do not. Being able to make such a distinction may not be so apparent, but “red flags” are definitely common, even if they are not immediately obvious.

Unethical Lawyers: Also Known as Ambulance Chasers

A problem increasingly becoming more prevalent is that rogue personal injury attorney stealing clients from their rivals through financial bribes. A common method exploited is offering accident victims substantial money at the medical facility where they are being treated. This is immoral and violates the rules of ethics attorneys must follow. Even more appalling, attorneys utilize this technique because they know that personal injury victims are often desperate for financial help and in the most vulnerable position of their lives. This goes against everything attorneys stand for – putting the client’s best interests first. Essentially they are taking advantage of these individuals to further their own financial gain. Regardless of the competency level these attorneys may offer in litigation, using financial or otherwise incentives demonstrates the lack of honesty and integrity these attorneys possess. The relationship between attorneys and their clients is contingent upon these values (and lack thereof), so if a client cannot entrust in their attorneys such a basic level of moral aptitude at the onset, how can they entrust them with the appropriate handling and successful resolution of their case at all?

Bribes Can Affect Your Case

However appealing instant financial gain may seem at the time, understanding how such bribes will affect your case overall is crucial. Retaining an attorney founded on deception, manipulation, and corruption goes against everything an attorney should stand for. Retaining an attorney who embraces integrity, dignity, and justice is the best way to protect your interests throughout the legal process.

It is not too late if you were exposed to this type of situation. An injured person can switch lawyers at any time without any penalty. The New York personal injury attorneys at Hach & Rose, LLP have earned the trust of thousands of clients because we help people get results. If you have been hurt due to another party’s negligent actions or inactions, our dedicated personal injury attorneys are ready to help. Call now at (212) 779-0057 to set up a free initial consultation.

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