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Tips for Keeping Your Building Safe

If you've been injured in an accident or on the job, the attorneys of Hach & Rose, LLP have the knowledge, skills, and experience required to hold the party responsible for your injury accountable.

Last Updated: 07-20-2023
Written by: Michael A. Rose and Gregory Hach

Whether you are a business owner in charge of employees, a building owner with one or more tenants, or even a homeowner with frequent guests, it is important to keep your premises safe. Failure to ensure safety on your property could cause others to hold you liable for injuries that occur on your property. With the proper planning and maintenance, you can ensure you have done everything possible to prevent injury and keep visitors to your property safe.

1. Inspect and Maintain

While some buildings contain more complex machinery than others do, all buildings can benefit from regular inspection and maintenance. Even something as simple as an AC or heating unit should be inspected regularly. Consider inspecting floorboards and steps for small tripping hazards. Do everything possible to repair or clearly mark places that could cause injury. Regularly inspect your building and equipment by creating an inspection checklist. That can go a long way in preventing injuries.

2. Install Security Technology

It can be tempting to skimp on security measures to keep costs low. But installing security technology can make an enormous difference during an emergency. Video cameras on the outer perimeter of a building can help warn those inside of a dangerous situation before it reaches them. Implementing a text message alert system could also help keep everyone informed. Security technology helps spread important information in critical moments. That allows you to do everything possible to help people in your building. Another thing to consider is who should have access to your building and whether a simple lock and key are enough to keep the wrong people out.

3. Keeping Your Building Safe Means Having a Plan

If an emergency occurs, you need to be ready to respond. It is a good idea to have multiple plans. One accounting for every type of situation that could occur at your building. These can include a fire plan, a severe weather plan, and an evacuation plan in the case of an intruder. Building owners–even homeowners–need to be prepared to respond in these situations and should account for workers and any invited guests who may be inside the building.

Contact a New York City Premises Liability Lawyer

A property owner has a responsibility to their visitors. If you were injured because a property owner failed to keep you safe, you have a right to compensation for your suffering. At Hach & Rose, LLP, our experienced and compassionate lawyers will fight aggressively to achieve the desired outcome. Please do not hesitate to contact our New York City offices at (212) 779-0057 to discuss the details of your case.

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