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Blood coagulant Eliquis is under attack in defective drug lawsuit

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Last Updated: 01-10-2024
Written by: Michael A. Rose and Gregory Hach

A lawsuit has been filed in relation to Eliquis, a blood coagulant that allegedly contributed to the death of an individual due to bleeding, Market Watch reported on June 16.

The suit, which was filed in the Southern District of New York, claims that the defective drug is being promoted incorrectly as “one size fits all,” and it lacks a prominent warning that bleeding may be difficult to stop once it starts. Donald Herschell, 60, began taking the drug as prescribed by his doctor due to his atrial fibrillation. Subsequently, he developed gastrointestinal bleeding and succumbed to his condition in a hospital emergency room.

Eliquis, which acts as an anti-coagulant by stemming the bleeding and clotting in wounds, is distributed by two New York-based pharmaceutical giants, Pfizer Inc. and Bristol Myers Squibb.

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