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I may lose my job if I report my construction accident. So I’m just going to forget about it!

If you've been injured in an accident or on the job, the attorneys of Hach & Rose, LLP have the knowledge, skills, and experience required to hold the party responsible for your injury accountable.

Last Updated: 07-28-2023
Written by: Michael A. Rose and Gregory Hach

Too often, I hear from construction workers that they ‘did not file a report at the time of the accident because…’ they were in fear of losing their job. Of course, it’s the workers that we don’t hear about that scare us the most. Often the worker’s injury worsens to the point of disability and has not filed an accident report at the time of the incident, making the case difficult, if not impossible, to prove.

Talk to an Attorney About Your Construction Accident

If you were involved in an accident on the job, on a construction site, or elsewhere in the course of your employment, I cannot stress enough the importance of, at the very least, speaking confidentially to an attorney at Hach & Rose, LLP. If you have family that depends on you for financial support, it is even more critical to speak with an attorney; even if you feel you are not too badly injured at the time of the accident. If your injury worsens (such as a herniated disc that eventually required surgery) and you hadn’t filed for benefits or a third-party suit, if one is possible, you are doing your family a grave disservice financially.

Beware of the Statute of Limitations

Clients that call us well after their statute of limitations had run out call to see if something can be done because their injury had disabled them from working. These are sad situations because the only people the client is helping are the insurance carrier that was gritting his or her teeth waiting for the statute of limitations to expire; once it had, they are in the clear in some instances for millions of dollars. It happens EVERY DAY!

If you are concerned that your employer might somehow find out that you spoke with an attorney and fear losing your job, let me stop you immediately. You are often safer job-wise if you do, in fact, file for workers ‘compensation benefits because the workers’ compensation system has an anti-discrimination statute disallowing your employer to discriminate against you based on the filing of a workers’ compensation claim. Hach & Rose, LLP is a law firm for you; we are incredibly experienced at litigating construction site accidents and have achieved great success for our clients, and we are respected as one of the top law firms for personal injury in New York.

Talk to Our Personal Injury Lawyers

We understand the issues you face in the workplace and often can anticipate how your employer will react based on prior experience with various employers. We do not have a crystal ball, but we do have experience with many of the employers in New York and can counsel you as to whether it would be worth it for you to proceed and, at the very least, can tell you how to protect yourself should your injury worsen in the future. Even if it turns out that you do not have a case, everything we discuss is completely confidential. Confidentiality is something we take very seriously at Hach & Rose, LLP, so please, rest assured that you cannot be hurt in any way by finding out what your rights are, whether you have a viable case, and whether that case is worthwhile for you to pursue. Furthermore, if it turns out, as it has so many times in the past, that you do have a case and you had not done anything at the time of the accident to warrant fear of reprisal, we can work with you to determine whether you still have time to obtain financial compensation. Always err on the side of caution and speak with a Hach & Rose, LLP attorney; it cannot hurt you in any way to do so.

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