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New York Attorneys for Lacerations and Disfigurement from Car Accidents

If you've been injured in an accident or on the job, the attorneys of Hach & Rose, LLP have the knowledge, skills, and experience required to hold the party responsible for your injury accountable.

Last Updated: 07-18-2023

A car crash can result in accident victims suffering severe lacerations and disfigurement, plus other skin injuries such as burns or avulsions. Even though these injuries may heal, car accident victims may be left with permanent scarring. Other kinds of traumatic injuries can also cause disfigurement. These include eye injuries, broken bones, and amputations.

Disfigurement suffered after a car crash can cause lifelong embarrassment, humiliation, and physical disabilities. You deserve to seek financial compensation if you suffered laceration and disfigurement from a car accident caused by a careless or reckless driver or another negligent party.

The New York car accident attorneys of Hach & Rose, LLP work tirelessly to advocate for the rights of injured accident victims throughout New York. Our firm strives to provide everyone who walks through our doors with the personalized attention and expert legal advice they need and deserve. We always put the best interests of our clients at the forefront of our efforts. Our attorneys work hard to secure the best possible result through settlement or trial. We take pride in our legal team’s track record of success. Which includes seven-figure settlements and jury awards in some of the most serious injury cases.

If you have suffered lacerations or other disfiguring injuries in a car crash that wasn’t your fault, turn to our firm for a free, no-obligation consultation. You’ll learn more about how our car accident lawyers can help you pursue financial compensation and justice for the loss that you have endured. Call us today at (212) 779-0057.

Types of Injuries That Cause Disfigurement in Car Accidents

car accident disfigurementA car accident can result in devastating injuries that leave victims with visible, permanent disfigurement. Examples of disfiguring injuries that are commonly suffered in car crashes include:

  • Lacerations
  • Broken bones that don’t heal properly
  • Open bone fractures where the bone breaks through the skin
  • Burns from vehicle fires
  • Abrasions/road rash
  • Avulsion (a type of injury in which skin is torn away from underlying tissues and bone)
  • Serious soft tissue injuries, such as loss of muscle tissue
  • Facial injuries, including eye, mouth, and ear injuries
  • Head injuries, including skull fractures
  • Traumatic amputation

In other cases, injuries suffered in a car accident can leave a victim with a disfigurement that results from surgeries and other medical procedures performed to repair and treat injuries.

Complications of Lacerations and Disfiguring Injuries

Some of the complications that might result from lacerations and disfigurement include:

  • Excessive bleeding and life-threatening blood loss
  • Post-injury infection, which can lead to conditions such as necrosis, gangrene, or sepsis
  • Poor wound closure
  • Chronic pain at injury sites, such as sharp, stabbing pains or burning pain
  • Excessive buildup of scar tissue, which can form keloids
  • Loss of range of motion when scar tissue forms over joints, as scar tissue contracts and pulls on surrounding healthy skin/tissue

What Can You Recover for Lacerations and Disfigurement After a Car Crash?

If you suffered a laceration injury in a car accident or other injuries that left you with disfigurement, you may be entitled to compensation that covers your expenses and losses, such as:

  • Medical expenses for emergency/hospital care, doctor’s appointments, prescription medications, or physical therapy
  • Lost income if you must take time off work to treat your injuries
  • Loss of future earning ability if your injuries or disfigurement impact your ability to return to work
  • Physical pain
  • Loss of quality of life due to embarrassment or humiliation from extensive visible disfigurement

What to Do After Lacerations and Disfigurement From a Car Accident

You can protect your rights to pursue compensation after being injured in a car accident by taking the following steps:

  • Take photos or video of the accident scene and get contact information for any bystanders who may have witnessed the crash.
  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible to diagnose your injuries in the accident. Make sure to follow all treatment instructions and recommendations to help reduce the possibility of scarring and disfigurement from your injuries.
  • Retain copies of your medical bills and invoices and copies of your income statements if you miss work after the accident due to your injuries.
  • Keep a diary or journal to record how your injuries and subsequent scarring or disfigurement negatively impact your quality of life.
  • Avoid discussing the accident or your legal case with others or on social media. Posts that contradict your official claims may be used against you later.

Finally, make time to speak to a car accident attorney from Hach & Rose, LLP to discuss what actions you can take next to pursue financial compensation for your injuries.

How Can a Lawyer Help You Following a Car Accident?

Let an attorney from Hach & Rose, LLP help you to pursue a legal claim when you have suffered disfigurement from injuries you had in a car crash by:

  • Gather the evidence for your case by conducting a thorough investigation. This includes obtaining accident scene photos, police accident records, surveillance video footage, and witness statements.following a car accident
  • Document your injuries and losses. These include obtaining copies of your medical records, calculating your financial expenses, and taking statements from you, your family, and friends regarding the negative impact of your disfiguring injuries on your life.
  • Identify liable parties and sources of compensation. These include applicable insurance coverage.
  • Preparing and filing your claims with the insurers of at-fault drivers and other relevant parties.
  • Aggressively pursue fair and full financial recovery for you through a negotiated settlement.
  • Filing suit in your case when litigation becomes necessary to fight for maximum compensation on your behalf.

Turn to an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer for Help with Your Case

After being injured in a car crash through no fault of your own, you deserve to seek financial recovery and accountability for the permanent disfigurement that resulted from your lacerations and other injuries. Call Hach & Rose, LLP at (212) 779-0057, or contact us through our website today for a free initial case evaluation. You’ll have the opportunity to review your legal rights and options with an experienced car accident lawyer from our legal team. Call now.

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