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Why does selecting a “trial firm” matter?

New York City personal injury attorney Michael Rose discusses the importance of trial firms in getting fair settlements. Hach & Rose, LLP, will take a case to trial when necessary to get a fair result…

Hach & Rose is a trial firm, and what that means is that when a settlement offer isn’t appropriate, isn’t fair and reasonable, then we’re not afraid to go the distance. There are a lot of law firms out there that are settlement shops, or firms that’ll take the last best offer prior to trial, but don’t make the mistake of selecting a law firm that isn’t willing to go the distance because we see the same law firms, the same insurance companies over and over again. They know who we are; we know who they are. They understand that if there’s not an agreement as far as what’s reasonable, we’re willing to go the distance.

To contact a trial firm that will work in your best interests, call Hach & Rose, LLP, at 212-779-0057 to speak with an experienced New York personal injury attorney.

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