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Why do you represent union workers?

David R. Cheverie, New York City construction accident attorney, discusses how his previous experience as a union member of Laborers Local 230 and the dangers he saw, drove him to become a lawyer. Hac…

It’s very important to me. It’s actually what drove me to become an attorney. From working on these job sites as a member of Laborers’ Local 230, I understand the dangers that are involved. I did a lot of demolition work, I worked on a lot of different job sites where there were a lot of problems. And complaints were made, problems weren’t fixed, people got hurt, whether it was minor or catastrophic. So, it is very important to me that people have the best representation possible, especially the union members when they’re injured on the job. I mean, it’s very important to have the ability to provide them with the help that they need when they need it most. We have the skills, the resources, the expertise to provide you with the representation so that you get the best compensation possible for the injuries that you sustained.

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