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Last Updated: 07-25-2023

What types of securities and financial fraud cases does Hach & Rose, LLP handle?

Frank Schirripa explains the firm’s experience with securities and financial fraud cases.

Here at HRS&C, we have a multitude of securities fraud and financial class action cases. They range from your ‘pump and dump’ stock scheme, where a company drives up its stock price and ultimately either sells off their own shares or engages in a transaction with another company with an overvalued valuation because of some sort of wrongdoing. Whether it’s an accounting wrongdoing or mismanagement of the company, we also engage in class actions under Section 11 of the 1933 Act, which protects investors who’ve purchased the security that’s being offered for the first time.

So, in particular, large initial public offerings where there’s a false or misleading statement contained in the offering document which undermines the underlying valuation of the company. When the truth becomes revealed, that stock will decrease in value, and the investor will lose generally a large sum of money.

For years, we have been representing pension funds, other institutional investors, individuals, trusts, and endowments that have invested in the stock markets, have put their trust in the financial markets to operate in a truthful and efficient manner. However, greed and other issues do come into play, and people have seen their hard-earned retirement accounts decrease in value by no wrongdoing of their own, but instead at the hands of greedy and distrusted corporate executives.

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