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What sets Hach & Rose apart in litigating construction accident cases?

David R. Cheverie, New York City construction accident attorney, explains how he and his team at Hach & Rose, LLP, have a strong union labor background. They personally understand the construction ind…

When it comes to construction accidents, I have a very strong union background. My father was a labor lawyer and is a labor lawyer for the various building trades throughout the country. I also am a full book member of the laborers and have been for going on almost ten years now. The founding partner of the firm Greg Hach is also a full book member of the Operating Engineers. So we really have a very good understanding of the construction industry and the dangers and perils that exist and the accidents that can occur because it’s an extremely dangerous job, and we have the full ability and understanding in this industry to really be able to prosecute these claims to the fullest extent.

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