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Last Updated: 02-09-2022

What Role Does Social Media Play In An Accident Case?

Michael Rose, New York City personal injury attorney, discusses the influence social media has on an accident case. The lawyers of Hach & Rose, LLP maintain awareness of how modern technology can affe…

When you’re involved in a lawsuit, an insurance company is going to use all its resources in order to pay you as little money as possible. So they’re going to hire law firms to defend the case, they’re going to hire investigators, and the folks that are looking at the claim, that are looking at the person who is injured – first place they are going is social media. With social media today, it’s easier than ever to get insight into what people are doing on a daily basis. To look at someone’s Facebook page or to see if they’re doing something on Twitter or any of the other social media outlets, is something that people have to be very conscious of.

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