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What is important to know as a union worker?

As a union worker, you have an organization behind you. That organization is there to look after your health and welfare. They provide medical coverage. They provide prescription coverage. They provide annuities and pensions. And why shouldn’t they provide advice as to attorneys when you get injured? The union’s there for you when you’re hurt, when you’re out of work, and that’s pretty much how I grew up my entire life.

I had a father who was a labor leader, a very well respected labor leader in New York, and the union was the place to go if you were in need of anything: a job, a move, a lateral move, medical coverage, whatever the case might be. So early on, we decided that unions were probably the best ways to vet for proper representation in personal injury cases, so we try to live up to those expectations at every turn. And we do a very good job at it. I’m very proud to say that we do.

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