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What factors should I consider in my construction accident case?

We have an appreciation for the fact that when someone works on a construction site, they rely on their body as their tool. It’s what allows them to do their work, and when thy get hurt, they no longer have that ability to earn a living, and it affects people two different ways. One, financially because they can’t earn a living, and two, emotionally or psychologically, because people who are doing this type of work, building buildings, building bridges, love their work, and they can’t do that anymore.

And we see all the time, doctors who examine our clients on behalf of insurance companies, they write reports and they say, “this person can return to work and do light duty.” Well, it shows a complete ignorance of the industry and the fact that there is no light duty in the construction trade, and when it comes to doing the work, you either do all the work or you do no work, because light duty really is no duty, there’s no work available when people can’t do that work anymore.

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