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Last Updated: 07-25-2023

I Was Injured In An Uber. What Are My Rights?

Have you wondered what your rights may be if you are injured an accident while in an Uber? Hach & Rose, LLP attorney Halina Radchenko discusses your rights as a rideshare passenger in this video FAQ from the New York City rideshare lawyers.

Uber is a newcomer to the state of New York. Uber claimed that it cannot be responsible for the negligence of its drivers. However, there are instances where Uber can be held responsible for the negligence of its drivers. For example, if the driver was using the Uber communication system at the time of the accident, Uber can be held responsible. If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident involving an Uber vehicle, it is important that you choose an attorney who understands the nuances regarding Uber. This could mean the difference between a limited recovery and a recovery in the full amount of the value of your injuries.

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