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Referring Attorneys

If you've been injured in an accident or on the job, the attorneys of Hach & Rose, LLP have the knowledge, skills, and experience required to hold the party responsible for your injury accountable.

Last Updated: 07-19-2023

“A lawyer may pay the usual and reasonable fees or dues charged by a qualified legal assistance organization or referral fees to another lawyer.”

– Disciplinary Rule 2-103(D)(2) of New York Lawyer’s Code of Professional Responsibility

Referring Attorneys Get Great Results With Hach & Rose

Referring clients to a fellow attorney can be lucrative and prudent. Acknowledging when a potential case is outside your area of expertise or too time-consuming for your already full plate helps ensure compliance with your ethical responsibilities. But using good judgment does not need to be a self-sacrificing gesture, and you can be well compensated for it. In New York, attorneys are paid for referring cases to other attorneys, and it is as easy as picking up the phone and making the call. However, the referred attorney will reflect you and your reputations will be intertwined for the duration of the case. Therefore, being selective about who you refer cases to is extremely important.

$8,000,000 Verdict for Motorcycle Accident

A woman was referred to Hach & Rose, LLP after being injured in a motorcycle accident. We obtained an $8,000,000 jury verdict on her behalf. After sustaining serious injuries from falling from a height on a construction site, a carpenter was awarded $3,475,000 after being referred to our firm. Hach & Rose, LLP secured $2,000,000 for a family referred to us after they were injured in an auto accident.

At Hach & Rose, LLP, we have built our reputation on client satisfaction. To us, client satisfaction means never settling for less than the full compensation our clients deserve and providing unparalleled customer service. Our experience and results, combined with our warm and empathetic personalities, ensure our clients feel safe putting their lives in our hands. But don’t take our word for it…

Satisfied Hach & Rose Clients

“Working with Hach & Rose was the best decision I could have ever made. They treated me like family and made sure I got the best settlement I could get.”

– Satisfied Client

“They did a great job on my case getting me a fair settlement to ensure the financial future of my family and take a heavy burden off of my mind. I don’t think I could ever find the right words to express the gratitude I feel towards this law firm.”

– Grateful Client

“I was in tremendous pain when I called the law firm of Hach & Rose, so Michael Rose himself came to the hospital to see me. That alone meant so much to me, he assured me that they will handle the case on my behalf while I focused on my recovery. In the end, I was happy with the compensation and I am thankful that I have the financial security to support my family. Although I have not fully recovered, my life is back on track and I get to play with my kids again… It is refreshing to have a lawyer and a friend for life.”

– Refreshed Client

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