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Air Traffic Controller Error

Air traffic controllers have the important responsibility of balancing incoming flights with those leaving the airport or still waiting at the gate. Due to the size, speed, and power of airplanes, this fast-paced work can lead to very serious safety concerns if air traffic controllers are not paying constant, careful attention to their jobs. Even small mistakes in timing or direction can lead to catastrophic collisions between aircraft, potentially causing the airplanes’ passengers and crew members to suffer devastating and sometimes fatal injuries.

Common Air Traffic Control Mistakes

Despite innovations in aviation technology, recent studies have shown that the amount of air traffic controller errors have increased sharply over the past years. Some common air traffic controller mistakes include the following:

  • Allowing two aircraft on the runway at the same time
  • Failing to clear a landing strip for an incoming plane
  • Allowing aircraft to take off into occupied airspace
  • Allowing aircraft to take off in dangerous conditions
  • Failing to communicate clearly and correctly with pilots

It is crucial that air traffic controllers pay close attention to airplane traffic patterns and communicate their directions to pilots accordingly in order to keep passengers and crew members safe from destructive aviation accidents. Failure in any of these basic responsibilities can seriously endanger multiple planes, putting everyone onboard at risk of terrible injuries.

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