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Last Updated: 11-13-2023


New York, New York (November 9, 2023) – The internet became a safer place last night. Omegle, a website designed to pair children with strangers, is down for good. Founder Lief K. Brooks issued a lengthy statement acknowledging the vast harms Omegle caused children across the globe. Years ago, the United Nations issued an eight-page letter asking Mr. Brooks remove the site. He didn’t listen. Omegle emboldened communities of online predators called “cappers” to creep around the internet for children to threaten into sexually explicit performances that they then screencap and share.

In 2021, plaintiff C.H. was the first child victim to sue Omegle for child exploitation by “cappers ” when she was only eleven years. In response to Mr. Brooks, C.H. issued the following statement: “it took me five minutes to tell my mom what Omegle did to me. It took you multiple years and countless other victims before you would even speak up about the online Frankenstein you created, and you still only care about yourself.”

C.H.’s mother, M.H., says “my family was lucky enough to find advocates to fight and support us in this journey. While we await a decision, I cannot help, but reflect on Mr. Brooks’ self-serving and misleading statement on the shutdown of Omegle. This is a step in the right direction, but by no means will my family stop this fight for online safety.” Mr. Brooks remains involved with other internet companies such as Octane AI

Almost one year ago, Attorneys James Marsh and Margaret Mabie of Marsh Law Firm alongside Hillary Nappi of Hach & Rose, LLP argued before the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals that C.H.’s are not subject to immunity provisions of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. The case was heard on November 17 of 2022 before judges Andrew L. Brasher, Edward Carnes, and Barbara Lagoa. Audio recordings of the arguments in this case are available online here.

“Omegle caused irreparable to damage to kids for years on end and did absolutely nothing about it until now. If Mr. Brooks has a conscious at all, it seems to me to be quite guilty.” says Margaret Mabie of Marsh Law Firm. “C.H. was the first child to seek civil legal redress, but she was not the first child, nor the last to be irreparably damaged by her experience on Omegle.” says Hillary M. Nappi of Hach & Rose, LLP

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