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Stadium and Arena Injuries

If you've been injured in an accident or on the job, the attorneys of Hach & Rose, LLP have the knowledge, skills, and experience required to hold the party responsible for your injury accountable.

Last Updated: 07-14-2023

Stadium and Arena Injuries

Large buildings such as stadiums and arenas have a variety of operational and maintenance needs. If a building owner or manager fails to correct any of the safety concerns that can arise during the operating and maintaining of such a facility, this negligent can put guests as well as employees at risk of sustaining an injury due to an unaddressed hazard. However, people harmed because of a property owner’s or manager’s lack of safety precautions may be entitled to sue for financial compensation as a result of their injuries.

Potential Safety Hazards in Stadiums and Arenas

Property owners and managers are liable for known and preventable premises hazards that may seriously endanger guests or employees in stadiums and special events arenas. The following should be inspected and addressed before anyone is hurt:

These issues should be repaired or cordoned off before a person is injured. Should a property owner or manager fail to take these crucial steps to avoiding injuries, he or she may be held financially responsible for the consequences of this inaction.

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If you or someone you love has been injured in an arena or stadium due to a property owner’s or manager’s negligence, you may be entitled to financial compensation for the costs related to those injuries. To discuss your full range of legal options after an injury at an unsafe stadium or arena, contact an experienced attorney from Hach & Rose, LLP, by calling (212) 779-0057 today.

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