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How Technology in the Courtroom Could Impact Your Case

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Last Updated: 11-08-2022

Until recent years, poster boards and projectors were commonly used to present evidence at trial. Today, newer technologies have made it easier for lawyers to present evidence in an organized and compelling way, improving and increasing engagement with the jury.

In the digital era, people’s attention spans are shorter than ever, and juries can easily become disengaged if they have to wait for poster boards to be swapped out or projectors to wake up. New technologies have enabled attorneys to create more seamless presentations, reducing awkward lapses that could negatively affect the outcome of your case.

Let’s examine some of the ways technology can benefit your court case.

Benefits of Courtroom Technology

New technologies can benefit your case before it ever enters the courtroom, particularly when it comes to gathering evidence. For instance, social media is a common source of evidence for many attorneys. These sites tend to be easily accessible and can provide insight into the opposing party’s character. Another recent innovation known as data analytics can be used to help attorneys predict the likely outcome of a case based on historical data. Your lawyer can use the insight they gather from data analytics to refine your case before it goes to trial.

In the courtroom, new technologies allow your lawyer to present your case using a variety of formats and methods. Your attorney may use digital photos, video presentations, or 3D models to make your case more engrossing and effective. For instance, if you were seriously hurt in a motor vehicle accident, your attorney could display pictures and videos of your injuries to help the jury comprehend the severity of your injuries. Technology can give juries a deeper understanding of your case and help them remember important information by engaging more of their senses.

How Technology in the Courtroom Could Impact Your Case

New advancements in courtroom technology are being made every day. One particularly notable developing technology is AR, or augmented reality. AR allows digital 3D renderings to be overlaid in real-world spaces.

For example, AR could be used in court rooms to allow survivors of sexual abuse to appear in court if appearing in person makes them feel traumatized. AR can make testimony feel more visceral and believable to the jury than videoconferencing does, because it allows individuals to appear as a hologram in the courtroom. AR provides a safe way for survivors to tell their stories without feeling violated. AR could also potentially be used in personal injury cases when victims are not able to physically show up to testify in court.

Of course, not all court rooms are equipped to support emerging technologies, and if attorneys don’t know how to effectively use those technologies, it could harm your case. While new innovations have the potential to make your case more compelling, your attorney’s ability to use the technology effectively can impact your case just as much as the technology itself.

Technology Can Be Vital to the Success of Your Case

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