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Aircraft Mechanics

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Last Updated: 01-31-2024

New York Lawyer for High Risk of Asbestos Exposure – Aircraft Mechanics

Workplace exposure to asbestos is a serious issue. Prolonged exposure can lead to the development of asbestos-related diseases, including mesothelioma. Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that manufacturers have used in insulation. The mineral can be found in rock and soil. It was used in thousands of consumer products before the dangers of exposure were revealed.

The strength and heat resistance made asbestos unique for insulation and as a fire retardant. It can still be found in areas where manufacturers need heat resistance, including automobile clutches, brakes, and aircraft. Unfortunately, mechanics can also bring asbestos fibers home on their clothing, exposing their families to the risks of asbestos-related diseases.

Aircraft mechanics are exposed to asbestos during repairs, especially the brake system. Before 1970, aircraft brakes were all manufactured with asbestos. The Federal Aviation Administration issued guidance guidelines to help protect workers.

Additionally, veterans from nearly every military branch who served until the mid-1970s have a higher risk of developing asbestos-related diseases since many occupations expose them to toxic substances. Top of the list are aircraft mechanics employed by the Army and Air Force.

If you or someone you love has developed asbestos-related disease and worked as an aircraft mechanic, you may be entitled to compensation. The attorneys at Hach & Rose, LLP are experienced in handling asbestos-related claims for their clients. They have over 100 years of combined experience and have won over a billion dollars in verdicts and settlements.

Our legal team is compassionate and respectful while fighting aggressively to protect your rights. Call our office today at (212) 779-0057 for a free consultation. We’ll discuss your case and advise you on your next best step.

Asbestos-Related Disease

Asbestos fibers are harmful when they’re released into the air. They break down into tiny particles that you inhale. They collect in the lungs where they cause scarring and inflammation. Asbestos is a carcinogen, which is a cancer-causing substance. Exposure can result in the development of the following:

  • Lung cancer
  • Asbestosis, permanent lung damage
  • Mesothelioma, cancer of the chest and stomach lining
  • Cancer of the kidney, throat, and gastrointestinal tract
  • Scarring of the lung tissue
  • Pleural effusions, fluid collection around the lungs

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 125 million people worldwide are exposed in the workplace. Mesothelioma is likely the most well-known type of cancer caused by asbestos. It’s commonly found in the lining of the lungs or the abdomen. After diagnosis, the average life expectancy is 18 to 31 months.

Approximately 3,000 new cases are diagnosed yearly in the 20 million people at risk of developing mesothelioma. Symptoms are often mistaken for less serious health conditions. This can delay early diagnosis. Common symptoms include chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, fever and night sweats, and weight loss.

How Hach & Rose, LLP Can Help

Lung cancer or mesothelioma symptoms from exposure to asbestos may not show up for 25 to 50 years after contact. A diagnosis of cancer or mesothelioma can be overwhelming. Most people are unsure of how to proceed after this diagnosis. It can be challenging to take the needed steps to protect your rights and receive compensation.

The legal team at Hach & Rose, LLP provides our clients with dependable services. We work aggressively on your behalf so that you can focus on treatment and recovery. Our experienced legal team will gather the necessary evidence to prove your case. We also engage expert witnesses and guide you in the necessary documentation.

It is common for a company’s insurance adjuster to contact you quickly to gather information and may offer you an initial settlement. While you may feel obligated to answer questions, you must only speak with insurance adjusters in the presence of your attorney. Adjusters are skilled negotiators. Their intent is to maximize the profit of the insurance company. Your New York asbestos attorney should handle all communication and negotiation on your behalf.

We recognize that you have a unique story. Our caring and compassionate team put fair compensation for you as our first priority. If the at-fault person’s insurance company denies your claim, our legal team can prepare your case for trial.

How Aircraft Mechanics Come in Contact With Asbestos

Recent guidelines from the Federal Aviation Administration were issued to air traffic facilities where old asbestos material may still be in place. At one time, asbestos was used throughout the aircraft, including the engine, cockpit, brake systems and components. Different types of asbestos could be found in:

  • Gloves, fabrics, cloth, and blankets
  • Brake assemblies and molded brake blocks
  • Engine mounts
  • Engine heat shields
  • Engine shrouds
  • Gaskets and valves
  • Repair equipment
  • Insulation

In the 20th century, asbestos was considered an ideal material. It resists fire and heat and is lightweight. It was also once used to control noise, heat, and cold in cockpits and passenger compartments. Although aircraft mechanics are responsible for various tasks, some are specialized. Aircraft mechanics may have worked on the following:

  • Pistons and jet engines
  • Inspections
  • Maintaining electrical and navigational components
  • Repair or replace brake parts
  • Retrofitting older aircraft
  • Welding and joining airframe panels

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A cancer diagnosis is not easy. For some, asbestos-related diseases may be non-malignant. This means the growth caused by asbestos will not spread to other body areas. The legal team at Hach & Rose, LLP understands you should spend time recovering and not fighting with the responsible party and insurance companies. We want you to focus on recovering while we care for proving liability and protecting your rights.

If you or a loved one has developed an asbestos-related disease due to someone else’s negligence, our legal team will aggressively fight to protect your rights. We are passionate about fighting for our clients against injustice and holding the responsible parties liable. Call us today at (212) 779-0057 for a free, no-risk consultation. We are ready to be your advocate.

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