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Last Updated: 02-09-2022

Why Is It Important To Hire a Union-Friendly Lawyer?

Gregory Hach, New York City personal injury lawyer, explains how their past experience drove them to start their own firm to cater towards the better treatment of union cases. Hach & Rose, LLP offers …

Well, a union-friendly law firm is a fairly new concept to this business. There are a lot of firms out there who try to align themselves with unions, who try to say that they represent many members of different unions; we took a different approach.

Mike and I worked at a large firm downtown, and we had a fairly large union following. A lot of people would come to us and want to be helped. You know, they trusted us to take care of them and we take that trust very seriously. So we started working, you know, we were working in this large firm downtown, and once we realized how the members were treated, these union members were treated – you know, they didn’t see a lot of the different aspects of how they were treated but we did, because we were on the inside of the firm. And we didn’t like it, didn’t like the way some of them were talked about, the way some of their cases were just corralled and put through the system, jammed through as quickly as possible.

Mike and I decided at that point – we didn’t know each other very well at that time, we were both up for partnership at this firm at the same time – but it was at that time that we decided either get out or continue doing what we were doing and not liking what they were doing to the people we were bringing to the firm. So, we started our own practice and we decided we would never settle a case like many firms out there.

Firms are businesses, so a lot of firms will settle a case based on their own personal financial needs of that practice. We committed very early on that that would never be the case at Hach & Rose. We would never ever settle a case based on our own financial needs but we would always think completely of the members’ needs. Ultimately, we understood that would serve us well, that would serve our clients well, that would serve the organized labor movement very well, and it has. It’s allowed us to branch out and do many other things for unions, for union members, and provide services that a lot of other firm would never do because we don’t charge for those services. So we provide services to members of our community, the organized labor community, and we’re very proud to continue doing that to this day.

If you have been injured while working, contact the union-friendly law firm of Hach & Rose, LLP, at 212-779-0057 to discuss your case with a New York workplace injury lawyer.

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