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What made you decide to become an attorney? – Michael Rose

New York City personal injury attorney Michael Rose reveals that he did not start out knowing what being a trial attorney meant but learned the importance of speaking on behalf of his clients. The law…

Greg Hach talks about the role a personal injury lawyer has on society as a whole. If you or a loved one has been injured on the job, contact a personal injury lawyer from Hach & Rose, LLP by calling …

When I was in law school, I always wanted to do something that I thought was going to be exciting, and that, to me, meant I wanted to be a trial lawyer. When you’re twenty-two, twenty-three years old, you don’t really know what that means, being a trial lawyer. But I ended up getting a job in a personal injury firm and representing clients, and I was a young attorney at the time. I would be sent to court for trials. What I came to realize was representing people who were injured, who can’t provide for their families, people who need a voice to speak for them is something that was meaningful work, something that I wanted to do because I had the ability to help people.

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