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What made you decide to become an attorney?

David R. Cheverie, New York City personal injury lawyer, comes from a strong union background, and it’s what drove him to become an attorney. The attorneys at Hach & Rose, LLP provide representation t…

My biggest influence in becoming an attorney was really my father. He is an attorney out of Connecticut and he represents a lot of labor unions in the different construction areas. As I grew up I really had a strong union background. So I got to really see the way you can really help the individuals as well as the unions themselves. I actually became a full book member of the labor’s union of which I’m still a full book member and I’m very proud of that. Through working on the sites, I was exposed to a lot of situations, whether it be dangerous conditions or instances where individuals, members were injured on the job.

And really, what influenced me, I wanted to find a way to help members who were injured on the job. Through working with the members and seeing my father and all the help that he was able to provide to the unions and the members, is really what drove me to become an attorney.

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