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What else can you tell us about your labor union experience?

I am still a proud member of Laborers’ Local 230. I grew up in the trades. My father is still a labor lawyer for various trades throughout the country, and being part of the union is very important to me. I developed very strong bonds with the members being a member myself, and while working on these job sites, I did a lot of demolition work, and I understand how dangerous these jobs can be. A lot of times there’s issues on the site, complaints are made, problems aren’t fixed, and accidents happen. I saw a lot of people that were injured on the job – some minor, some catastrophic – and it really drove me to become an attorney to be able to help the members, and that’s why I joined the law firm of Hach & Rose.

Greg Hach is a member of the Operating Engineers. He understands the issues that members face everyday when going to job sites. So it’s very important that when somebody’s injured they contact somebody that understands the issues when it comes to construction site accidents, and we do; we’ve been there, we understand, and we’re there for the members.

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