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I have been injured. Why should I hire an attorney experienced with insurance companies?

When you’ve been injured and you decide to file a lawsuit, you’ll hire an attorney, and you’ll quickly discover that your opponent is more than likely an insurance company. When you file suit, the insurance company will defend the lawsuit and defend it with all the resources they possibly have. It’s crucial to have an attorney that has a lot of experience working with these insurance companies and fighting against the insurance companies, because often what a person will discover once they enter into this process is that they will muster all of the resources they possibly can find to deny your claim and to make you fight. The initial offer, if there is even a settlement offer, could be just but a small fraction of what your case is worth.

So it’s necessary to go through the legal process, and it’s frightening; it can be scary. But if you have the right lawyer who has the experience and that knows how to work on your behalf, it won’t be frightening at all, and it’ll actually be quite simple. The lawyer has to be willing to take the case all the way to trial because insurance companies will fight. They may not offer anything to settle your case, or they may offer a small percentage of what your case is worth. You have to have a lawyer that has the experience and that is willing to go all the way to take a case to trial if necessary and to obtain a jury verdict, because often times, that’s the only time that the insurance company will listen.

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