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New York Train-Related Suicide Lawyer

Dealing with the loss of a loved one can seem impossible. If you lost someone close to you due to suicide, the grief can be unimaginable. If you are a surviving spouse or relative of a person who decided, tragically, to take their life by suicide on a train or train tracks, you could be eligible to take legal action for the loss you are suffering. While the cause of their death was independent of the train company’s operations, the company could have been able to prevent it from happening. The same holds true if you were trying to commit suicide and survived the attempt. As a result, if you have survived a suicide attempt or your loved one has committed suicide, you have rights to recover for your losses in these situations. Contact the New York train-related suicide lawyers at Hach & Rose, LLP at (212) 779-0057 to talk about what you are facing and to discuss what your rights may be to recover for the damages you are suffering.

Why You Need an Attorney

Recovery in a suicide-by-train case can be very difficult. Often, train companies will do everything they can to show that there was no way they could have prevented you or your loved one from committing (or attempting to commit) suicide. This is because showing they could not have prevented the act means that they were not legally negligent and, therefore, cannot be held accountable for your losses and injuries. Proving them wrong is a very complex task to undertake. From the initial investigation, to connecting the dots and showing that the train company should be held liable, to filing your claim, an attorney is the key to being successful in your case. Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney with a focus on train litigation will ensure that you receive what you are legally entitled to recover from these companies.

Why You Should Hire Hach & Rose, LLP

At Hach & Rose, LLP, our focus is personal injury law – and we have extensive experience helping families like yours recover compensation for train-involved injuries and deaths. We have a passion and drive to hold large transit companies accountable to the individuals they have harmed. Our experienced attorneys are committed to making our clients are fully compensated for the injuries they have endured as a result of negligence by the train company. We want to help you as well in your search for justice and compensation. Contact us today to discuss your case, what you may be able to recover, and how that can be achieved.

Cases We Handle

At Hach & Rose, LLP we have experience with sensitive cases involving suicide by train. This includes:

  • Suicides that have led to the death of the victim by electrocution, being struck by a train, or any other means related to the railroad.
  • Attempted suicides that have led to injuries being sustained and were a result of electrocution, being struck by a train, etc.

We represent both the survivors of a suicide attempt as well as the interests of the surviving relatives and spouses of those who passed away due to suicide. If your life has been changed, in one way or another, by a suicide involving a train or railway, contact our firm to discuss your case and your rights to recovery.

Tragic Facts and Train Company Responsibilities

Sadly, suicide rates are high. Likewise, suicides by train are a very real problem. Across the world, suicides by train happen all the time. For instance, in Germany, there are roughly 800 suicides by train each year. In the United Kingdom, suicide by train accounts for 3.5% of all suicides in the region. While the rates for this tragic activity are higher in European countries, generally, when compared to the United States, the activity still occurs. In New York, there were approximately 16 suicides by train between in 2018. However, as with anything that is a growing problem, these incidents are likely to become more common.

As a result of this likely upward trajectory and the fact that train companies have a duty to their passengers, these companies are held to a standard of care which requires them to prevent these incidents. For instance, putting up more safety barriers alongside the tracks that make it harder for passengers to jump onto the tracks is an initiative a non-negligent company will take to prevent suicides. Other measures, such as fail-switches that can be quickly accessed to address third-rail electrocution or heightened security to preempt suspiciously suicidal activity, are also taken by non-negligent or proactive train companies. When a company fails to introduce these – or other – measures, then it may be possible to seek recovery and compensation for losses and damages incurred from a suicide by train incident. Contact us to help you with your case, assess whether negligence was present, and determine what you may be able to recover.

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If you have suffered losses related to a suicide or suicide attempt connected with a train in New York, call Hach & Rose, LLP today. Our train accident attorneys have years of experience in train-related personal injury cases, including those involving suicide and suicide attempts. We have a passion for holding train companies accountable for the harm and damages they cause. Every day, we seek to ensure that our clients get everything they are legally entitled to receive from these companies. Let us help you with your case by contacting Hach & Rose, LLP today at (212) 779-0057 to schedule a free consultation.

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