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Home-related Toxic Torts

Toxic substances in the home can be a serious issue for a homeowner and their family. Family members may develop severe health problems in their own home with little warning, and the source of the illness can be particularly difficult to find without a professional inspection of the house. In other situations, the illness may be caused by a dangerous consumer product, such as common items like pest sprays or products with dangerous levels of flame-retardant chemicals. In these situations, a homeowner may want to consider taking legal action against the party responsible for this toxic exposure.

Toxic Dangers in the Home

Although many homeowners or tenants may take good care of their property, they can still be exposed to very dangerous chemicals and other hazardous materials due to someone else’s negligence. These serious safety concerns may include the following:

  • Toxic chemical exposure due to poor operational practices from cleaners or home repair workers
  • Toxic chemical exposure from defective products or faulty packaging
  • Toxic chemical exposure due to municipal negligence

These kinds of hazards can put a family at risk of developing serious health problems, including substantial skin damage or respiratory issues.

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Exposure to toxic substances in the home can be a terrifying experience that may leave you or someone you love in need of immediate medical care. Unfortunately, between treatment costs and other unexpected financial burdens, your family may develop substantial debt concerns. While you can hold another party responsible for these losses in many situations through a home-related toxic tort, getting compensation can be difficult due to both proving causation and providing relevant and timely evidence. Our home-related toxic torts attorneys atHach & Rose, LLP, are adept at helping victims who have been harmed by hazardous home products and substances take legal action, however. Thus, if you or a loved one has sustained harm due to such substances, find out how we can help by calling (212) 779-0057.

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