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Defective Construction Equipment

Not only should workers on a construction site be able to trust that their tools and vehicles will work properly, but so too should passersby, as they can all suffer serious injuries if these pieces of equipment malfunction. Because of the extreme danger construction equipment can pose, every piece ought to be built and tested adequately by the product’s manufacturer, reducing the possibility of a serious malfunction from occurring.

If a worker or innocent passerby is injured as a result of a defective piece of equipment, that machine’s manufacturer may be held liable due to their negligence in allowing such hazardous equipment to be released. In these cases, injured claimants must simply prove that the product was responsible for the injury, and the manufacturer may be financial responsible as a result.

Dangerous Construction Equipment Malfunctions

Construction equipment, ranging from power tools to massive cranes, needs to be designed, tested, and manufactured to the best of the maker’s ability. Flaws and defects in a piece of equipment can have considerable consequences for a worker. In fact, the following defects or malfunctions may put a worker’s health and safety in serious jeopardy:

  • Electrical wiring and computer defects
  • Engine failures, which may create fire hazards
  • Battery defects, which may lead to a battery explosion
  • Vehicle brake or control defects
  • Bolt and connector defects, which are especially dangerous for power saws
  • Crane connector or support defects, which may cause a collapse

If an injured person or their family files a successful claim for injuries related to these and other construction equipment defects, they may be entitled to receive compensation for medical costs, lost wages during treatment and recovery, and coverage for other unexpected financial burdens related to the injury.

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When a defective piece of construction equipment causes you or a loved one undue harm, our defective construction equipment attorneys at Hach & Rose, LLP, may be able to help you pursue compensation for injury costs from the manufacturer. For a free, no-obligation consultation regarding your next steps and how we can help you seek restitution and justice for your suffering, call (212) 779-0057 today.


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