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New York Stair Collapse Lawyers

Stair collapse incidents are destructive accidents that can leave victims with severe injuries. These accidents, which are often preventable through proper design, installation, and maintenance of stairways, may be considered the fault of the property’s owner or manager. If a person is injured because of a property owner’s negligence regarding any stairs or stairwells on the premises, the victim may be eligible to seek compensation for his or her damages.

Injuries put a devastating financial burden on victims and their families. Not only is medical treatment incredibly pricey, but many victims are forced to take time off of work in order to heal properly. When workers can’t afford to lose wages, they’re presented with tough choices. One injury can cost an entire family unit their livelihood.

The attorneys at Hach & Rose, LLP are here to make sure that one accident doesn’t rob you of your mental, physical, or financial stability. Our staircase injury attorneys know that when you reach out to us, you need someone that understands you. With over 100 years of combined experience fighting for injury victims, you can trust that we know how to help you recover the compensation that you need.

It can be difficult to communicate all of the ways in which an injury has impacted your life, but when you are ready, give us a call at (212) 779-0057 to discuss your case with a member of our team. The experienced New York stair collapse lawyer at Hach & Rose, LLP, can help stair collapse victims in New York fight for the full, generous remuneration they deserve for their losses.

Do I Need a Stair Collapse Attorney?

If you are serious about holding the responsible party accountable for the damage that they have caused, reach out to a lawyer. An attorney’s knowledge of the legal process will help you avoid unnecessary delays so that you receive a settlement commensurate with your losses. When you file a claim without the guidance of a competent lawyer, the at-fault party’s insurer or attorney may not take you seriously. This can hurt your claim in multiple ways, either by delaying a reasonably prompt resolution or devaluing your claim.

A lawyer will determine how much compensation you are owed by looking at the financial and non-financial burden that your injuries have imposed on you and your family. When you are hurt, your losses are not exclusively financial. An injury may diminish your quality of life, forcing you to cope with serious pain and potential loss of mobility. Any physical pain, ongoing suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life that you experience as a result of your injury need to be factored into the total amount of your settlement.

In addition to the practical legal support that your lawyer will offer you, the guidance of an attorney can also be much-needed comfort for you during a difficult time. Staircase collapse injuries can be incredibly traumatic, and working with a lawyer that understands what you are going through can be beneficial to the healing process. While a full and fair settlement will not turn the clock back, it can help you move on with your life.

Why Hire Hach & Rose, LLP to Handle My Case?

The attorneys at Hach & Rose, LLP are fierce advocates for our clients. We are committed to pursuing the maximum amount of compensation possible for each case. Our team understands the obstacles you face while struggling to meet the demands of your everyday life with the added complications of serious injuries.

Making the decision to hire a lawyer isn’t always easy, but when victims choose us, we make sure that the process is as simple as possible. Our team has over 100 years of combined experience. With this wealth of experience fighting for people just like you, we know how to meet your needs. Depending on how communicative you prefer to be, we are available to discuss your case whenever you’d like.

We believe negligent parties should confront the consequences of their carelessness when their actions harm others. This belief coupled with our dedication to our clients has enabled us to continually achieve excellent results. We’ve won over 300 million dollars for our clients and have been continually named to the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum and SuperLawyers. Our staircase collapse lawyers are ready to put our skills to work for you.

Stair Collapse Cases We Handle

Stair collapse accidents are a danger to people in both residential and commercial spaces. The consequences of these accidents highlight the importance of regular maintenance and prompt repairs. Those charged with the upkeep of buildings with an especially high volume of foot traffic have a duty to many people. Those who are injured in stair collapse accidents are at risk of the following:

  • Lacerations and bruising
  • Broken bones
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Eye injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
  • Pelvis fractures
  • Permanent injuries including disfigurement
  • Spinal cord injuries (SCI)
  • Paralysis
  • Death

The physical impact of these injuries, medical expenses, and lost wages quickly compromise victims’ financial stability. If you or someone you love have been on the losing end of another person’s negligence, make sure that the responsible party is ultimately held responsible for the damage that they have caused.

In worst-case scenarios, severe injuries can claim the lives of victims. If you are a surviving family member or loved one of someone who died from their injuries, you may be able to take legal action in the form of a wrongful death claim. The team at Hach & Rose, LLP can discuss your options with you today.

Causes of Stair Collapse Accidents

Both indoor and outdoor stairways must be carefully designed and maintained so that they do not present a danger to visitors, residents, and other users. Once a structure is built, it requires routine maintenance and constant attention to ensure that it is in a suitable state. Some of the common causes of stair collapse accidents include:

  • Faulty design or construction
  • Failure to adhere to building codes
  • Improper maintenance, leading to weakened, rotted, or rusted support materials

Stair collapse accidents can lead to devastating injuries, but victims of these incidents may be entitled to take legal action against the person or party responsible for the faulty structure.

Unless you’re made aware of dangers, you should be able to expect that the property you are on is safe. While it is ultimately the responsibility of the property owner or manager to fix any safety issues, the following signs may indicate that the structural integrity of a staircase is compromised:

  • Creaking Stairs
  • Loose Posts
  • Cracked Risers
  • Water Damage

When a property owner fails to take the appropriate action to keep their property safe, injury victims are ultimately left to deal with the consequences. If you have been injured in a stair collapse accident, the team at Hach & Rose, LLP wants to help you place the blame where it belongs. We are ready to fight for you so that in spite of the ordeal you’ve experienced, you can return to your normal life.

Contact a Stair Collapse Attorney in New York

Unfortunately, stair collapses are not the only accidents that can occur due to property owner negligence—this irresponsible behavior can also lead to porch collapse, escalator and elevator accidents, and slips and falls. If you or someone you love has sustained an injury in a stair collapse incident or other such accident caused by a property owner’s negligence, contact a lawyer from Hach & Rose, LLP, at (212) 779-0057 today to discuss your situation and learn more about your legal rights and options.

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