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New York Emergency Room Errors Attorneys

When a serious and unexpected injury or illness occurs, most people’s first instinct is to seek treatment at the nearest emergency room (ER), as we believe the medical professionals in these places will provide the best care possible. Sadly though, as our team at Hach & Rose, LLP, is all too aware, some people in New York who seek treatment at ERs suffer from emergency room errors, leaving them with injuries, pain, discomfort, and emotional trauma.

Though a positive outcome is never completely guaranteed, people who seek treatment in an ER should not have to stand for any additional harm that is done to them by negligent or careless medical professionals in an ER. Fortunately for those who have been harmed by emergency room errors, it is often possible to hold the person or emergency room itself responsible for the consequences, giving victims much-needed compensation and justice.

Harm Caused by Emergency Room Errors

Emergency room situations are quite serious and demand the careful attention and experience of qualified individuals to run smoothly. Unfortunately, when errors occur, they can cause patients to suffer debilitating harm, like the following:

  • Surgical instruments left in the body
  • Infection from a failure to sterilize
  • Internal organ damage
  • Cardiac arrest / heart attack
  • Blood loss
  • Nerve or muscle damage

In the most tragic of circumstances, a person may die as a result of an emergency room error, leaving their friends and loved ones grieving.

Contact an Emergency Room Errors Lawyer in New York

At Hach & Rose, LLP, our legal team believes that no party that allows a careless emergency room error to occur should escape the consequences. Thus, if you have been harmed while being treated in a New York emergency room, call (212) 779-0057. We can discuss your situation and possible options for pursuing the justice, closure, and financial compensation you need.

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