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Evaluating a Construction Law Firm in New York

The pain caused by a construction accident can be overwhelming. After seeing a physician, you must seek experienced legal aid. Hiring a capable construction law firm in New York is not enough. You need a construction law firm in NYC that is skilled, knowledgeable, and prepared to fight for you. At Hach & Rose, LLP, our seasoned New York City personal injury lawyers can help you receive compensation for pain and suffering, loss of wages, and medical expenses.

How to Evaluate a Law Firm

Evaluating construction law firms is essential to choosing the correct legal representation. You must take the time to research and compare before hiring. Failure to choose the right NYC construction law firm may cost you your case. The following are some tips you should keep in mind when choosing a construction law firm in NYC:

  • Look for firms that go to trial. Do not hire a construction law firm that has little or no trial experience. Although many personal injury cases never go to trial, every case is unique, and your case may not be settled out of court. Additionally, be sure to check the record of a law firm. The law office you choose should have more wins than losses at trial.
  • Choose a firm that works quickly. Personal injury cases must be handled quickly. The statute of limitations in New York for personal injury is three years. Do not hire a construction accident lawyer that delays. Additionally, the lawyer you hire should also be able to quickly create a sound strategy for your case.
  • Find a firm that is tenacious and compassionate. Choosing a law firm that is understanding of your situation can reduce stress. However, you need more than just a sympathetic law firm. You also need an accident law firm that is tenacious and will fight for you. Look for construction law firms in New York that are both tireless advocates of justice and also sensitive to the pain and suffering you have endured.
  • Look for firms that are local. Local firms can respond to your needs more quickly and are also familiar with the courts and laws in your area.

Choosing the first firm you come across can negatively affect the outcome of your case. Instead, look for NYC construction accident lawyers that have the above attributes.

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