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Toxic Substance Exposure

If you've been injured in an accident or on the job, the attorneys of Hach & Rose, LLP have the knowledge, skills, and experience required to hold the party responsible for your injury accountable.

Last Updated: 09-14-2023

New York Toxic Substance Exposure Lawyers

The New York toxic substance exposure lawyers of Hach & Rose, LLP understand the complexities of toxic tort lawsuits. If you or someone you love is facing a health problem that has developed because of exposure to a dangerous substance, do not hesitate to contact us at (212) 779-0057.

workers at a chemical factoryAfter exposure to a toxic substance, people may be at risk of developing a life-threatening illness.  Victims often are unaware that they have been exposed until the symptoms present themselves.  Treatment is often available for those sickened by toxic exposure. But it can be costly and cannot undo the suffering one has endured.

Toxic Tort Lawsuits

Recently, the public has become more aware of environmental health problems from contamination and pollution. We are all victims when our environment is adversely affected. Toxic contamination usually affects everyone within a certain area. Therefore, they may all be eligible to file a toxic tort lawsuit. The following are some such actions:

Occupational Toxic Torts

Toxic substances are commonly used for a wide range of applications. Some examples are manufacturing and refinement processes. Certain occupations put employees at an increased risk of exposure to dangerous chemicals that can cause serious health problems. Employers in these industries are responsible for helping reduce the risk of chemical accidents by adhering to strict safety protocols. But not all companies give this important duty the attention it deserves. If an employee is involved in a workplace incident involving a spill or contamination event, the negligent employer at fault may be held accountable for the worker’s damages.

Home-related Toxic Torts

Toxic substances in the home can be a serious issue for homeowners and their families. Family members may develop severe health problems in their homes with little warning. The source of the illness can be particularly difficult to find without a professional inspection of the house. In other situations, the illness may be caused by a dangerous consumer product. These can include common items like pest sprays or products with dangerous flame-retardant chemicals. A homeowner may consider legal action against the party responsible for this toxic exposure in these situations.

Pharmaceutical Toxic Torts

When a patient is prescribed a drug, they should be able to expect a certain degree of efficacy and a definite lack of unexpected side effects. However, due to various possible problems, a drug may cause exceedingly dangerous health problems. Whether from unreported side effects, dangerously unsafe storage and shipping mistakes, or improperly marked drugs, patients may be left seriously harmed by the drugs meant to help them.

Toxic drug claims can sometimes become confusing. This is because several parties may be responsible for a patient’s ailments. An injured patient may be entitled to pursue a claim against any responsible party. However, the legal process of filing a toxic tort can be complicated and may call for legal assistance.

Environmental Toxic Torts

Environmental toxic torts are filed by individuals and families harmed by the dangerous environmental practices of negligent companies or government organizations. Especially with many businesses operating around the New York, air, ground, and local water systems pollution is unfortunately common and can seriously threaten a person’s health and well-being.

Environmental toxic torts can help individuals who have suffered serious health consequences because of pollution or waste management mistakes fight for the remuneration they need to cover a range of injury-related expenses. If successful, a claimant filing an environmental toxic tort may win compensation for his or her medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses, and even wages lost because of his or her ensuing health problems.


For More Information, Contact Our Toxic Substance Exposure Lawyers

The New York personal injury attorneys of Hach & Rose, LLP are deeply committed to representing individuals, families, and communities harmed by exposure to toxic substances. We help victims seek compensation from the responsible parties for the pollution that caused toxic effects.

These chemicals and pollutants are often deadly, and it is therefore only right that the party responsible for the contamination should be held liable for the damage caused.  To discuss the potential merits of legal action in your case, contact our defective product attorneys by calling (212) 779-0057 today.

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