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Arbitration: A Glimpse into Alternative Dispute Resolution

by: Michael Rose

I recently secured an arbitration award of just under $1,300,000 for a man injured as a result of an automobile accident. There are certain circumstances when arbitrations are mandatory, like when a claim is for uninsured or underinsured motorist benefits. There are other situations when both sides must agree to arbitration. This is generally when the claim is against a negligent driver and their insurance company is responsible for paying the claim.

Hach & Rose, LLP has also achieved other recent results at arbitration. We represented a married couple who sustained injuries when they were involved in an accident. We obtained a $995,000 arbitration award on their behalf. We secured a $198,000 arbitration award for a man who suffered a knee injury in a car accident.

There are many benefits to arbitration proceedings. First, they are less costly than jury trials because experts are not generally brought into court to testify. Second, the proceeding is less time-consuming as much of the evidence can be provided on paper rather than a more tedious jury presentation.

An experienced arbitrator understands the value of a claim when presented before them by a skillful trial attorney, placing the injured party in the best position to obtain an excellent, and efficient, result.

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