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Rochester, NY – Worker Hospitalized After Exposure to Gas Leak

Rochester NY – Worker Hospitalized After Exposure to Gas Leak

Rochester, NY (December 12, 2018) – A level one hazmat situation was reported to have occurred early on Wednesday morning, December 12, that resulted in the hospitalization of one worker. The mishap was stated to have happened at around 1:21 a.m. outside of a building on McKee Road.


Brooklyn, NY – Man Found Dead Believed to Have Fallen from Train

East Fishkill NY – Bizarre Fatal Accident Involving Teen Clinging to SUV Leads to Arrests

Brooklyn, NY (December 4, 2018) – On Monday, December 3, a man who was later identified as 32-year-old Jared Adams, of Queens, was found deceased below elevated train tracks. Police initially believed the victim had died due to a gunshot when his body was discovered on Blake Avenue at around 5:30 a.m., in the vicinity of Van Sinderen Avenue.


Harlem, Manhattan, NY – Three-Story Church Collapses and Leaves One Injured

Harlem, Manhattan, NY – Three-Story Church Collapses and Leaves One Injured

Harlem, Manhattan, NY (November 29, 2018) – A partial building collapse took place during what was supposed to be a controlled demolition on Thursday morning, November 29, according to authorities. The accident was reported to have happened shortly before noon at a three-story church located on West 135th Street.


Sheepshead Bay, NY – 89-Year-Old Man Crashes into Trench After Striking Pothole

Greece NY – Car Accident on Elmgrove Road Results in Injuries

Sheepshead Bay, NY (November 14, 2018) – On Wednesday morning, November 14, police responded to a call when an elderly crashed into a trench at a construction site. Officers reported having received the call concerning the crash which took place in Sheepshead Bay a little after 11:00 a.m.


Chenango, NY – Collapsed Ramp Leaves Two People Hospitalized

Latham NY – Update: Police Identify Woman Killed in Pedestrian Crash at Intersection

Chenango, NY (November 6, 2018) – In an unsafe property accident, a ramp collapsed outside of a clothing bank in Chenango on Monday afternoon, November 6, subsequently injuring two people. The accident was reported to have occurred outside of Project Concern on Kattleville Road at around 1:15 p.m.


Client Testimonial: Hugh McCormack

A new client testimonial has been posted on our testimonials page. The grating on Hugh McCormack’s fire escape was not properly built, leading to him suffering a serious fall injury. Watch the video below to see his story.

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NY woman takes Starbucks to court over spilled coffee at airport

New York resident Jessica Pyne filed a lawsuit against coffeehouse chain Starbucks Corp. in the Harris County 215th District Court on October 12, 2016. In the lawsuit, the plaintiff is alleging that she suffered burns to the lower half of her body when a barista spilled a hot cup of coffee on her in the Starbucks at the George Bush International Airport.

According to Pyne’s lawsuit, she was at a stopover at the Bush Airport on October 13, 2014, when she got off her plane and went to the airport Starbucks to buy a coffee. She then claimed the barista managed to spill a cup of hot coffee on her lower extremities, burning her legs, ankles, and feet. Pyne also claims the Starbucks management did not extend any form of assistance or remuneration to her after the incident.

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City of New York awards $2.5M to slip and fall victim

A Bronx Supreme Court jury in New York awarded $2,500,000 to James Register, who slipped and fell over a 2-inch rise in the sidewalk in front of 1890 Lexington Avenue in Manhattan. Register incurred multiple fractures to his nose and suffered from a concussion as a result of his fall.

The defendants, KNW Apartment LLC and Urban American Management, LLC, were already issued a citation three years ago by the City of New York, which ordered them to make proper repairs to the defect. Fixing the defect would have cost the companies a mere $18,000. A different victim tripped over the same sidewalk rise in 2015 and was also hurt, though that victim sustained less extreme injuries.

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Gas drilling company not liable for contaminated well water

United States District Judge Charles Siragusa in Rochester, New York denied a claim put forth in December by nine southern New York homeowners that their drinking water had been contaminated by gas drilling, the Bellingham Herald reported.

The claim was filed against Colorado-based Anschutz Exploration Corp., who had established gas drilling half a mile from the homeowners’ residences.

The homeowners claimed in the lawsuit that mud and methane were found in their water after Anschutz’s first gas well was completed. However, Anschutz field experts came up with laboratory analyses that showed the methane found in the residents’ water wells did not come from the geological formation tapped by their gas wells.

Court documents also showed that Department of Environmental Conservation inspector Joseph Yarosz stated in his final deposition that Anschutz complied with all permit conditions after having inspected the two gas wells over 50 times as they were being constructed in the town of Big Flats in 2010.

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Winter Slip and Fall Dangers

As winter weather takes hold across much of the United States, New York property owners have a significant responsibility to keep their properties safe and free of winter dangers like ice and accumulated snow. Property owners who allow dangerous conditions to exist on their property could be held responsible for injuries suffered by guests or visitors. Learn more by clicking here.

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