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The Dangers of Mold in Your Home

Mold can be a serious concern for several reasons. Not only can it cause extensive property damage, but it can also lead to severe and chronic health issues. In fact, certain types of mold may cause long-term health issues due to their toxigenic nature.

 According to data from the New York State Department of Health (DOH), mold can grow wherever there is an issue with moisture control. This includes several spaces within a household, including bathrooms, windows, kitchens, refrigerators, and air conditioning units. While mold spores can be found almost everywhere, they flourish in warmer environments with sufficient amounts of moisture. Within households and other properties, some common sources of moisture can include leaks, drainage issues, condensation on cool surfaces, and improper ventilation.  

Some types of mold can also cause various illnesses because of the toxins they release. In a 2014 study from the Institute of Medicine (IOM), researchers found sufficient evidence linking indoor mold exposure to respiratory illness in individuals who were otherwise healthy. Additionally, researchers also found that people with asthma and compromised immune systems can experience exacerbated symptoms.


Early mold exposure may also be linked to the development of childhood asthma. According to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “recent studies have suggested a potential link of early mold exposure to [the] development of asthma in some children, particularly among children who may be genetically susceptible to asthma development.” Asthma is a chronic, long-term respiratory condition that is particularly dangerous for children, as their airways are smaller than adults.

While removing mold is often a time-consuming and costly process, it is completely necessary for both health and safety reasons.

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Man sues NY-area Catholic church after heavy statue crushes, amputates leg

A 43 year-old man has filed a lawsuit against St. Patrick’s Church in Newburgh, located 60 miles north of New York City, after its 600 pound crucifix fell on top of his right leg, forcing doctors to amputate it.

The man was cleaning the cross with permission from the church after he says he prayed before it for his wife’s recovery from ovarian cancer. Upon her recovery, he offered to pick up garbage and clean the crucifix.

The man says that he was using a cross beam for balance when the crucifix snapped from its base and fell on top of him. His lawyer says the 600 pound structure was held to the base by a single screw. His client is seeking $3 million.

If you or someone you love was hurt one someone’s unsafe property, contact the premises liability lawyers of Hach & Rose, LLP today at 866-LAWS-USA to learn how you can get the compensation you deserve.

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