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Motorcycle Accident Liability

Many people think that motorcycles are very dangerous. In fact, regardless of who is at fault, if a person is injured in a motorcycle accident, many think the injured party should not be compensated because they assume the risk of injury when they get on the bike. I DISAGREE! People have the legal right to drive motorcycles and if injured due to the negligence of someone else on the road, that person should be held responsible.

The rules of the road apply to all and motorcycle drivers should be protected. Importantly, in New York motorcyclists are not entitled to no fault benefits for their medical expenses and lost wages. This makes a personal injury claim all the more important. At Hach & Rose, LLP, we have achieved a jury verdict of over 8 million dollars for a woman injured on a motorcycle. We have achieved a settlement of 1.7 million dollars for a motorcyclist injured in an accident. We fight for those injured on motorcycles due to the negligent conduct of others.

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