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Must Know Info: The $1,000,000 Mistake

In a new article posted to our Must Know Info series, attorney Michael Rose discusses the kinds of costly mistakes insurance companies make by not offering fair payouts when their customers make claims.

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New Must Know Info Article: The Significance Of Repeat Clients

In a new article for our Must Know Info series, attorney Michael Rose discusses why it is beneficial for individuals who have been injured in the past to use the same legal team if they are hurt again.

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Must Know Info: Pre-Settlement Funding

In a new article for our “Must Know Info” series, attorney Michel Rose discusses when and when not to consider taking pre-settlement funding.

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Must Know Info: Be Wary of Employers’ False Promises

New York City injury attorney Michael Rose discusses how employers break their promises to help injured workers in a new article posted on our Must Know Info page.

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Michael Rose on last month’s SoHo scaffolding collapse

Michael Rose has shared his insight on the scaffolding collapse that occurred last month in SoHo. Click here to read the article.

Michael Rose quoted in Times Union Story

Michael Rose of Hach & Rose, LLP was quoted by the Times Union in a story this week.

Attorney Rose is representing the family of Edson Thevenin, a man who was fatally shot by police. The officer who fired on Thevenin has been on paid administrative leave since April 2016, when the shooting took place. He was reinstated this week.

The Thevenin family’s case has yet to go to trial. In a statement, Rose outlined some of the thorny issues surrounding this reinstatement. “The current litigation on behalf of Edson Thevenin’s family will raise questions about this decision. The Thevenin family looks forward to their day in court.”

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Do you have a case that stands out as particularly memorable?

At Hach & Rose, LLP, our team of experienced attorneys treats every single case we handle with the same importance and urgency. In this video, attorney Michael Rose discusses how the attorneys of Hach & Rose, LLP, prepare and evaluate every single case in order to maximize their clients’ recovery.

The Importance of Hiring Experienced Lawyers

In this video, Michael Rose of Hach & Rose, LLP, discusses how having an experienced lawyer can help increase the value of a client’s case. With so many unique laws in New York, it is vital to have an attorney that can help fight against big companies as well as have a thorough understanding of the laws that pertain to particular cases.

What do you find most rewarding about being an attorney?

In the following video, attorney Michael Rose of Hach & Rose, LLP, discusses the aspects of being a lawyer that he finds most rewarding. Specifically, he highlights the gratification that comes with helping a struggling family find financial relief after an accident.

Relationships with Past Clients

In this video FAQ with Michael Rose, it is clear that the relationships developed with clients lasts well beyond the cases themselves. From being sent pictures of clients’ new homes to even being invited to weddings, Rose says there is no greater feeling than being able to see and be part of how a client’s life has changed as a result of the firm’s help.

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