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Hauppauge, NY – One Killed in Truck Crash on Wheeler Road

Rochester, NY – Emergency Medical Crews Called to Scene of Accident on Eastman Avenue

Hauppauge, NY (February 22, 2019) – According to police, a woman was reported to have tragically lost her life after a car accident that happened on Wheeler Road in the town of Hauppauge on Friday, February 22. According to authorities, the crash took place at an unspecified time for reasons which may have been caused by faulty mechanics.


Hawaii files lawsuit against Takata, claims company covered up airbag defects

The state of Hawaii filed a lawsuit against Japanese automotive parts company Takata in Hawaii’s First Circuit Court because of its faulty airbags. The state is demanding a $10,000 penalty for every affected vehicle owner in Hawaii.

Steve Levins, Hawaii’s director of consumer protection, said the lawsuit is “seeking that consumers be compensated for any losses associated with this incident, whether that’s alternative transportation costs, or a diminished value of their vehicle.” In the United States, there have been at least 10 fatalities linked to the airbag defect, which can cause pressure to build up and break the steel interiors of the airbags, causing metal debris to fly into the vehicle’s cabin. More than 100 individuals have sustained injuries due to the defect.

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GM settles with U.S. for $900 million

United States attorney for the Southern District of New York, Preet Bharara, announced on Thursday, September 17 that the United States government has settled with Michigan-based automaker General Motors Co. for the sum of $900 million as penalty for their vehicles’ defective ignition switches.

According to Bharara, the settlement was reached so quickly, after only 18 months, because “the top management came forward to disclose the defect in February of 2014, the company’s cooperation and remediation have been fairly extraordinary.” Bharara went on to compare GM’s behavior with that of Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corp., which took over four years to settle its case with the government over its vehicle defect.

Bharara stressed that private individuals affiliated with GM could still be charged regarding the defect, noting that two GM employees in particular have been identified as having a major role in concealing information about the ignition switch defect from federal regulators.

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Fiat Chrysler recalls more than 80,000 Chrysler 200 sedans

Italian-American multinational automobile manufacturer Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has recently announced that it is recalling 85,816 Chrysler 200 sedans because of an electrical problem that can cause the vehicles to stall suddenly during operation.

According to Fiat Chrysler, the issue may have been caused when the electrical connectors were damaged during post-production tests conducted by a supplier. This problem could potentially cause the engine to stall or the gear to shift unexpectedly to neutral.

Chrysler customers will be informed personally by their dealers about the recall and will receive information on how to get their vehicles repaired free of charge.

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Those not covered by GM settlement fund represented in lawsuit

A personal injury attorney from Texas filed a lawsuit against General Motors on behalf of 156 people who were either wounded or killed due to the use of the company’s defective vehicles that were the subject of this year’s recalls, The Detroit News reported on July 31.

These people were those ineligible for the compensation fund that began taking claims on August 1. The settlement only includes accidents that happened in 2.59 million Saturn Ions, Chevrolet Cobalts, and other vehicles that were said to have faulty ignition switches and airbags prior to 2009. The personal injury lawsuits must somehow overcome the 2009 bankruptcy protection barrier, however, because many of these injuries and deaths occurred prior to this year.

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Toyota negotiates sudden acceleration settlements

Toyota Motors Corp. is currently settling numerous lawsuits over a defect that caused unexpected acceleration.

Toyota spokeswoman, Carly Schaffner mentioned that Toyota has been in the process of correcting the car defect since the initial sudden acceleration complaints.

Toyota made announcements in December of 2013 to settle all lawsuits relating to sudden acceleration lawsuits after a considerable loss in court. Analysts said that the financial loss relating to an Oklahoma lawsuit prompted Toyota’s decision to settle the remaining cases rather than contest them.

If you have been injured because of a defective vehicle, you could be eligible to receive compensation from the manufacturer. The attorneys at Hach & Rose, LLP, represent victims in New York City. Call (212) 779-0057 to speak with a member of our legal team.

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