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Spotlight on Aaron Haimowitz

Hach & Rose, LLP attorney Aaron Haimowitz gives insight into why he became a lawyer and who he is.

What inspired you to become an attorney?

In my family, getting an education was extremely important goal and it was not an option. We had a lot of professionals in my family ranging from doctors, accountants, a pharmacist, a college professor, and a few lawyers. I had a great uncle who I looked up to, and he was a lawyer. Like him, I found myself in a lot of debates and I took pride that I always thought quick on my feet. Eventually, I realized that I was always advocating on behalf of my friends and family. After taking a business law course in college, it finally clicked that being an attorney was what I was meant to do.

What practice areas do you focus on?

While I handle many different types of complex tort litigation, I have focused much of my carrier on construction litigation. I have also been relied on to handle matters that involve catastrophic injuries or high exposure damages. Since I have represented both plaintiffs and defendants during my legal career, I bring a unique perspective on case strategy, analysis, handling, evaluation, and negotiation so that the most favorable results can be achieved on a case-by-case basis. At this stage in my career, I find it much more rewarding seeing the impact my legal experience can have on the lives of injured individuals and their families.

Tell us about your unique approach to litigation.

I believe that one of the reasons that I add value to the Hach & Rose team is my unique experience throughout my career of handling complex legal matters from all sides of litigation. In addition to currently representing plaintiffs, my past legal experience has allowed me to defend claims as a defense attorney, directly collaborate with insurance carriers, and handle claims in-house for a major corporation. Each of these experiences throughout my career gives me a significant advantage because I have a rare perspective and understanding of how each player in the litigation process approaches, strategizes, handles, evaluates, and negotiates cases.

What are you most proud of, professionally or personally?

Personally, I’m most proud of my family. They mean everything to me. My wife and I have been married for 13 years and we have a wonderful 8-year-old son. Being a dad is my most important job. During the pandemic, I had a unique opportunity to slow down and enjoy time with my son. At the beginning, we made the decision to quarantine in Vermont. In addition to helping my son navigate Second-Grade remote learning, we spent a lot of time having fun going on hikes, listening to music, watching movies, doing puzzles, and playing with remote control cars. He even learned how to ride a bike while in Vermont. It was an amazing bonding experience that I will cherish forever.

Professionally, I am very proud to have been relied upon and trusted to handle complex, high exposure cases. I also feel it is important to be a leader in my community, whether serving on committees, being a mentor to other attorneys, or presenting as a speaker at trade conferences. I’m also proud of being able to develop authentic relationships with my clients. Over the years, many of these work relationships have developed into personal friendships that have spanned years beyond our professional ties.

Do you have any hidden talents, hobbies or a fun fact?

I am a huge Islanders fan. When I was 9 months old, my father purchased season tickets for the team’s inaugural season in ’72. He made sure to put both of our names on the account and we have had seasons tickets ever since. I am one of a handful people who has been a season ticket holder since the team’s inception. Also, since my mother grew up in Liverpool, my family have been generational fans of Everton Football Club. We fly over to England for games whenever we can. In 2019, we attended Everton’s first home game of the season and the team featured my family in the opening day program. After the game, the team honored us and gave my son autographed pictures of many of the players because we “flew across the pond for the home opener”.

What is your favorite quote?

Willy Wonka: “Time is a precious thing. Never waste it.”

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