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Injured in a Subway Accident? You’re Not Alone

Injured in a Subway AccidentThe New York City transit is the largest subway system in the U.S., transporting over 7 million passengers each weekday, and more than 1.3 billion rides each year. According to a review: Health and Safety Hazards Associated with Subwayspublished in the Journal of Urban Health,  subways pose a number of serious health and safety issues for passengers and transit workers.

Some of the most serious risks outlined in the journal include:

  • Physical – Includes accidents, extreme temperatures, vibration, noise, electrified sources
  • Biological – Infectious diseases, either person-to-person or vector borne (example, a disease spread by rats)
  • Chemical – Exposure to gas, emissions, fumes, toxic chemicals, or irritants
  • Psychosocial – Violence and work stress
  • Terrorism – Mass-casualty events

The journal also examined some of the most commonly-reported causes of injuries, and particularly those that fall under the category of “general injuries” caused by the often-hazardous subway environment. With so many people trying to make their way through narrow stairways, escalators, and elevators and standing on congested platforms, serious injury accidents could occur. Passengers and workers alike reported injuries caused by:

  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Violence/theft caused by inadequate security or lighting
  • Sexual assault or harrassment

Depending on the specific nature of the accident or intentional action, those who’ve been injured could be eligible to pursue legal action. If someone pushed you down the stairs, for example, they could be liable for the injuries you suffer. If you slipped and fell due to inadequate lighting or debris on subway steps, however, the MTA could potentially be liable.

It’s always crucial to hire an experienced subway injury attorney if you’ve been hurt, because determining liability is not always straightforward or evident. In some cases, multiple parties could share liability for your accident, so make sure to hire an experienced lawyer who understands how to build a strong case and secure compensation for the harm you’ve suffered.

Contact Hach & Rose, LLP for Help If You’ve Been Hurt

Hach & Rose, LLP represents those who’ve been hurt in accidents on subways or subway platforms across New York. If someone’s actions or inaction hurt you or someone close to you, we’ll be there to help get the compensation you’re owed. While nothing can undo the harm you’ve suffered, we’ll make sure that you don’t have to struggle financially as you work toward recovery. Call us at (212) 779-0057 to schedule a FREE consultation with one of our trial lawyers today.

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